Liquid Iodine Supplement

A liquid iodine supplement is a great way to give your body iodine, an essential trace earth mineral. Iodine is crucial for the proper functioning of our bodies, and we often cannot find enough of it in our daily diets. Liquid iodine supplements can be found all over the market, but Cedar Bear liquid iodine supplements are sure to satisfy.


Cedar Bear is dedicated to providing their customers with quality liquid supplements and supplement blends for all of your dietary needs. We have used a proprietary process called Pureodine to create liquid iodine supplements called Xodine to help you supply your body with the iodine that it needs. Here’s a look at why we need iodine and ten reasons to use Cedar Bear Xodine.

Uses of Iodine in the Body

Iodine is necessary for the functioning of your thyroid gland. The thyroid uses iodine to produce hormones. Hormones are often associated with only the reproductive system, but they are responsible for much more. Heartbeat, breathing, and even hair and nail growth are controlled by the messages sent through the body by hormones. Iodine is also necessary for proper cell growth and fetal development.

When your body does not have the iodine that it needs to produce hormones and allow your body’s cells to grow, a lot can go wrong. Iodine deficiency can range frommild to severe. A common and perhaps the most tell-tale sign is a goiter. When your thyroid doesn’t have iodine, it has to work overtime to produce the hormones that your body still needs. This causes irritation and inflammation in the thyroid that causes it to swell. Since the thyroid is located at the base of the neck, this inflammation causes a large visible lump on the neck.

Ten Reasons to use Liquid Iodine Supplements

Xodine liquid iodine from Cedar Bear is incredibly easy to use to give your body an iodine boost every day. There are a lot of amazing benefits that you can get from taking a liquid iodine supplement every day, and even more that you can get from Xodine. Here’s a look at some of those reasons:

1: Help Your Body Maintain Natural Iodine Levels

Cedar Bear™ liquid iodine supplements can potentially help your body maintain natural iodine levels. Our supplements are 100% alcohol-free and taste great. Our Xodine can potentially help your body maintain its overall health.

2: Liquid Supplements Absorb Better than Tablets

Liquid supplements allow your body to begin absorption of iodine almost as soon as it comes in contact with soft tissue. Supplements in solid form need to be digested and broken down by the body before it can be circulated through the body. Liquid iodine supplements are far more effective at getting your body the iodine that it needs than solid tablets, capsules, salts, or others.

3: Xodine is Alcohol Free and All Natural

Unlike other liquid iodine supplements, Xodine is made using a proprietary processing method that pairs natural deep-earth sourced iodine with glycerin to deliver it to your body in an easy to digest method. Our Pureodine process creates a liquid iodine supplement that is always alcohol-free, Kosher, and free of gluten, soy, corn, dairy, and animal products. When you take Xodine, you can trust that you are getting only the best of what nature has to offer, and nothing more.

4: Support Fetal Development

Liquid iodine supplements are great for expecting and breastfeeding mothers. These women are providing iodine to their children, and thus need to be consuming more iodine for herself and her child. Iodine is essential for proper development of the fetus and newborns to help prevent developmental gaps and birth defects potentially caused by and linked to insufficient iodine levels.

5: Help with Mild Tiredness

It is known that a lack of iodine can cause minor symptoms in the body like temporary tiredness. Adding Xodine to your daily diet can help you give your body the iodine it needs to function well and help give you the energy that you need to keep moving.

6: Potentially Benefit Your Hair and Skin

Iodine can potentially help with your hair and skin. Healthy iodine levels in the body increase follicle strength and also is potentially associated with healthy, shiny skin.

7: Supplement Your Diet

We can’t always find all of the iodine that we need in our daily diets, and that’s why iodine supplements are helpful. They can help give you the extra iodine that you cannot find in your food, especially if you eat locally in a place that lacks iodine-rich soils, or you are in need of extra iodine to stay healthy.

8: Xodine is Gentler on the Body

Because Xodine is not paired with alcohol or any harsh elements like salts or potassium, it is much easier on the body than other liquid or solid iodine supplements. Similarly, it requires much less of Xodine to get the same effect as other iodine supplements, meaning you are not exposing your body to unnecessary elements and resulting in less of an effect.

9: No Wolff-Chaikoff Effect

Traditionally, when your body is exposed to too much iodine, it can produce similar effects in the body as not having enough. This phenomenon was named the Wolff-Chaikoff Effect and is present mostly in manufactured reduce salt of iodine/iodides. Without this effect, Xodine can help iodine to better reach your thyroid and body tissues to increase saturation without the Wolff-Chaikoff Effect.

10: Boost Your Immune System

Your thyroid is essential to the health of your entire body and immune system. Giving your body the amount of iodine that it needs is a great way to help keep yourself healthy and help give your immune system the necessary support to potentially help maintain overall health.

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