Liquid Herbal Supplements for Your Active Pets

Like humans, pets require vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Often times, standard pet food doesn’t contain all the supplements necessary to keep active dogs and cats healthy. Overexertion can also negatively affect the health of your pets, and boosting their muscle tissue with herbal supplements can provide natural relief.

For years, Cedar Bear has provided businesses and individuals with herbal concentrates that contain essential vitamins and minerals. Our founder, L. Carl Robinson developed a way to use glycerin instead of alcohol to extract compounds from plants. Glycerine allows for plants to retain their herbal concentrates more effectively than alcohol. Because of this discovery, L. Carl Robinson began making herbal TincTracts that taste better and last longer than anything else on the market. Recently, we have released a line of pet supplements that will support your pet’s joint and muscles.

Pets Now!™ Joint & Muscle Support provides natural relief for your pet’s ability to maintain normal function of joint and muscles. Exhaustion and overexertion can weaken your pet's muscles and joints. This joint and muscle support TincTract will provide your pets with ingredients such as alfalfa leaf, cornsilk, stinging nettle leaf, and devil’s claw root. Cornsilk has been used for centuries to support the heart and kidney. Stinging nettle leaf and devil’s claw root contain trace minerals that help maintain fluid balance around joints and muscles. Check out the rest of Cedar Bear’s TincTracts for essential ingredients that will support your pets’ health.

Benefits of Private Label

Cedar Bear offers private label branding for business looking to tap into a growing industry and attract new customers. Pet supply stores that carry herbal supplements will expand their brand by offering customers unique products only found in their stores. For years, Cedar Bear has researched and developed herbal supplements by extracting compounds and combining them into great-tasting TincTracts. If you have an idea about a pet supplement you would like to carry, contact our team here. Or, check out our inventory for existing herbal TincTracts that customers love.

Order Pet Supplements Today!

Humans have used herbs for thousands of years to provide a natural boost. Cedar Bear offers the same herbal supplements for pets! Balance the health of your dog and cat with products made with cutting-edge techniques developed by our founder. Contact us today for great-tasting products.