Iodine Supplements for kids

The thyroid gland requires iodine in order to function properly. Iodine is found in seaweed, saltwater fish, and iodized salt, though it hardly ever appears in concentrated amounts. The thyroid uses iodine to provide hormones to the rest of the body. These hormones regulate growth, metabolism, the immune system, and cardiovascular health. Since the body does not naturally produce iodine, we must either find it in foods or take a natural supplement. Iodine is essential for healthy growth and development, and children who have a balanced thyroid gland are likely to have stronger immune resistance.

Children that don't receive enough iodine in their diet should try Cedar Bear™ liquid herbal supplements for kids. For 30 years, the expert team at Cedar Bear™ has perfected the herbal extraction method. Other large suppliers use alcohol to extract herbal concentrates. We use glycerin so that the herb retains its primary, secondary, and tertiary compounds. Using glycerin instead of alcohol results in a product that is potent and great-tasting. Children that may resist taking vitamins and supplements will love Cedar Bear's™ fresh tasting liquid herbal concentrates.

Liquid Herbal Supplements Are Easy for Kids

Taking iodine supplements is a simple and effective way to promote endocrine function and regulate metabolism levels. Children require a balanced diet in order to develop a healthy digestive and immune system, and sometimes supplements are required if children aren't receiving enough daily recommended vitamins in food.

Cedar Bear™ liquid herbal supplements come with a glass dropper that makes consumption easy for kids. Many multivitamins and supplements come in pill form that kids don't like to swallow. Gummy vitamins have glucose syrup, sucrose, gelatin, and citric acid to make them taste sweet. While they may be a tasty candy, the added sugar in gummy vitamins often does more harm than good. Cedar Bear™ liquid herbal supplements are gentle on the body, and they don't contain harmful additives. See each bottle for specific dosage instruction. Our great-tasting liquid concentrates pair well with your favorite food or beverage, or users can simply apply the drops directly into the mouth. Unlike alcohol-based concentrates that taste bitter and medicinal, Cedar Bear™ glycerine-based concentrates taste rich and natural.

How to Make Sure Your Kids Are Getting Enough Iodine

The daily application of Cedar Bear™ products will help kids get enough vitamins and nutrients. Our Xodine™ TincTract® contains a stable iodine formula designed to allow the body to efficiently use every drop. Xodine™, as well as every other Cedar Bear™ formula, is gentle on the body, and it does not contain harsh additives. Combining Xodine™ with a balanced diet can provide children with healthy, normal amounts of iodine.

Other Cedar Bear™ Supplements for Kids

Just like adults, children that don't receive enough vitamins in their diet should take supplements to support their overall health. Cedar Bear™ offers a variety of liquid herbal concentrates that support the body's natural ability to fight stress and fatigue. Many of our blends contain adaptogenic herbs that help the body maintain peak levels of performance for long periods of time. Visit our website for more information about our various herbal supplements.

Focus & Attention for Kids

The expert team at Cedar Bear™ has combined adaptogenic herbs into a special combination that supports calm behavior and mental focus. Ingredients such as astragalus root, wood betony herb, ginkgo leaf, and lavender flower work together to balance adrenal function and regulate the endocrine system. Consult a doctor before giving supplements to children, and make sure the child isn't taking any medication that should not be combined with liquid herbal concentrates.

Daily Herbals for Kids

Replace the bulky multivitamin pill with a few drops of fresh-tasting liquid herbal supplements. Daily Herbals for Kids is a valuable source of naturally occurring minerals and vitamins that are necessary for building and maintaining general health. Ingredients like stinging nettle leaf and alfalfa have been used for centuries because of their digestive and immune support.

Order Cedar Bear™ Concentrates Today!

For over 30 years, we have extracted herbal concentrates and combined them into tasty blends for customers around the world. We offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders, and we provide our private label partners with custom packaging and labels. For more information about our all-natural blends, visit us online or call (435) 823-8505.

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