Intestinal Cleanse for Pets

Herbal Protection for Your Pet’s Intestinal Tract

Our world is full of invisible and slithery things and because the four-footed members of our families are living, breathing creatures, and because they have their noses and tongues in the grass and everything around them, it's a sure thing that he or she picks things up now and again, especially if your pet goes outside, lives outside, or if your cat is a mouser. Many of our pets’ health issues, such as digestive distress, irritability, restlessness, dry skin, dull coat, and anal itching may be related to things that our pets may have picked up somewhere.

We humans generally don’t like dealing with or thinking of slithery things, so we tend to not realize how important this part of taking care of our pets’ health is. The reality is that because our beloved ‘fur kids’ have their faces and feet in the dirt, you can count on them needing intestinal cleansing on a regular basis. Having an unclean digestive system not only damages your pet's coat, digestive system and overall health, it can put your family members at risk, as well. A pet’s humans are, after all, also living, breathing creatures, and we can pick things up from them, so keeping your pet’s intestinal tract clear not only helps your pet’s health, but is a very important part of helping to protect the health of all family members, especially your children.

Many intestinal clearing products can be harsh on a pet's health, so try this gentle but effective herbal approach instead. Herbs are Mother Nature’s remedies and are a wonderful way to take care of your pet’s health. There are herbs that directly address these issues. Herbs such as black walnut hull, wormwood and clove have been well known for centuries to help to create an inhospitable environment in the intestinal tract for unwelcome intruders, which helps keep them from setting up shop in the first place.

Pet's Intestinal Cleanse by Cedar Bear Naturales™ was the first ever herbal intestinal clearing formula made for pets with the multi-step, totally alcohol free TincTract® processes originally developed by Clinical & Formulary Herbalist L. Carl Robinson, Cedar Bear Naturales’™ founder.

Intestinal Cleanse for Pets is formulated with herbs that help keep your pet’s digestive system clear of anything that doesn’t belong in his/her intestinal tract. These herbs have a strong action that when used in Cedar Bear’s herb liquid formula (alcohol-free, of course), act quite gently, even for young pets. Giving your pets Cedar Bear’s Pets Intestinal Cleanse helps improve your pet's health through cleaning up the digestive tract from top to bottom.

Don’t wait until your pet has growing problems with his or her health. Pet’s Intestinal Cleanse can be used periodically as a protective measure. Intestinal Cleanse for Pets gently helps neutralize negative influences and clear the digestive system’s intestinal tract. It positively shifts the environment of the digestive system in such a way that allows beneficial flora to flourish, making for happier, healthier pets. Also, some pet's problems of nervousness and inability to settle down can be traced to gastrointestinal issues, so an added benefit is that this herbal formula can help an over-bouncy pet become calmer and more focused. 

Don’t let your worries about what may be lurking in your pet’s intestinal tract keep you awake at night. Rest assured that Pet’s Intestinal Cleanse by Cedar Bear Naturales™ is a great way to help keep your pet’s intestinal tract clear, protect your pet’s digestive system, as well as support his/her overall health.

Why use Cedar Bear’s liquid herbs for your pet’s intestinal cleanse as opposed to others?

  1. Cedar Bear’s herbal liquids are in the best form for your pet’s body to utilize because the nutrients and other beneficial constituents begin to do their job immediately when they are taken.
  2. Cedar Bear’s liquid herbs are wonderfully portable, simple to use, and are easy on your pet’s stomach.
  3. 100% Alcohol free – animals should not be given alcohol in any form, and you can rest assured that all Cedar Bear™ products are 100% totally alcohol free.
  4. Time Tested! Cedar Bear™ has been producing this liquid herbal formula longer than any others out there, with great results.



General Use Table for Pets Formulas:

Up to 10 lbs = 1/8 tsp (.62 mL)

10-50 lbs = 1/4 tsp (1.23 mL)

For larger pets, simply increase the number of times given per day.

*(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Association. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.)