Intelligent Herbs

Cedar Bear® manufactures herbs that are designed to support your body’s natural energy levels and can support your concentration throughout the day. Our brains play a massive role in how we deal with life, right from the start of the day to when we go to sleep. These “smart” herbs will make a difference for how you approach school, work, and other aspects of your life that require focus and attention.

Brain Booster

This formula supports your body’s natural blood flow to the brain and benefits overall body function and health. It also is a general memory and vitality supporting herb. This herbal formula also adds an extra support for athletes by aiding supporting their natural body stamina.

Gotu Kola

This herb hails from South East Asia, Australia and India, and is typically used as to support the body’s natural brain function. It is also known for naturally supporting blood circulation and memory function.


This popular herb isn’t just a staple in cooking! Rosemary is also known as a brain boosting herb and supports the overall function of the brain. Our Rosemary herb can support your daily efficiency and mental clarity.


This herb is an adaptogen that can help support the natural function of the nervous system. It can also help support the body’s ability to overcome weakness and exhaustion.


This adaptogenic herb is very similar to ginseng, but gentler. This herb supports mood, energy levels, and your natural mental clarity. Rhodiola supports the natural health of the cardiovascular and immune system.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo benefits brain function, memory, and concentration, and is a cardiovascular tonic that strengthens the heart, enhances oxygenation of the blood, especially for older adults, and slows aging processes.

Tulsi (Holy Basil Leaf)

Holy Basil benefits all systems of the body, including respiratory, digestive, and immune functions. It helps support healthy blood sugar balance, healthy blood pressure levels, and cellular health. Holy Basil is calming without causing drowsiness and is one of the best adaptogen herbs for reducing the effects of stress on the body.

Ginseng Vitality Blend

This blend has all the powerhouse ingredients for supporting your vitality and intelligence throughout the day: Asian Ginseng from Asia, American Ginseng from North America, Ashwagandha from India, Eleuthero from Russia and Asia, and Maca from South America.

Gingko Memory Build

This herbal formula from Cedar Bear® is great for general memory and vitality support and supports oxygen intake into the blood, brain, and cardiovascular system. This formula protects and maintains health, rejuvenates and revitalizes memory and supports the nervous system.

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