Information on Pet Coats

Healthy animal coats start from the inside out. By supporting bodily systems that control digestion and metabolism, your pet’s coat will look better than ever. Just like humans, animals require essential vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. If your pets don’t receive the necessary amount of vitamins in their diet, they will need supplemental boosts.

Because dog fur grows in seasonal cycles, it sheds and grows throughout the year. During warmer temperatures, dog shed their undercoat because it allows them to stay warm. The growing and shedding cycle is very important to your dog’s overall health, and properly supporting the thyroid and liver can help regulate the hormones that dogs need to maintain their fur coat. Cedar Bear’s Pets Now! Coat Care & Digestive Support contains ingredients that gently support the liver and digestive processes. This product is for all pets (excluding horses), and may be applied to their food, water, or directly into their mouths.