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Information on Pet Coats

Healthy animal coats start from the inside out. By supporting bodily systems that control digestion and metabolism, your pet’s coat will look better than ever. Just like humans, animals require essential vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. If your pets don’t receive the necessary amount of vitamins in their diet, they will need supplemental boosts.

Because dog fur grows in seasonal cycles, it sheds and grows throughout the year. During warmer temperatures, dog shed their undercoat because it allows them to stay warm. The growing and shedding cycle is very important to your dog’s overall health, and properly supporting the thyroid and liver can help regulate the hormones that dogs need to maintain their fur coat. Cedar Bear’s Pets Now!™ Coat Care & Digestive Support contains ingredients that gently support the liver and digestive processes. This product is for all pets (excluding horses), and may be applied to their food, water, or directly into their mouths.

At Cedar Bear, we manufacture herbal supplements using a unique process discovered by our founder, L. Carl Robinson. By using glycerin instead of alcohol to extract herbal concentrates, we can retain the primary, secondary, and tertiary compounds. This results in an herbal supplement that tastes great, is fast-acting, and has a long shelf life. Unlike common pharmaceuticals, herbal supplements don’t contain harsh additives that can negatively affect your pets. Herbal compounds are gentle on the body, and their natural vitamins promote overall health. For more information about the Cedar Bear process, check out our website.

Cedar Bear Private Label

The pet supplement industry is expanding, and businesses looking to stay ahead of the trend should consider private label products. Partnering with Cedar Bear allows your business to customize the label and container of each herbal TincTract, and if we don’t already have a product that best matches your business, our research and development team will modify or create something entirely new. Including pet supplements in your inventory will help your business expand by attracting new customers and adding diversity to your brand. Contact Cedar Bear today to get started!

Vitalize Your Pet’s Coat with Pets Now!™ Coat Care & Digestive Support

Contact Cedar Bear for a wide range of products that support endocrine, thyroid, liver, and digestive systems. We are committed to providing businesses, individuals, and pets with beneficial herbal supplements. Visit our website for more information about our team and products.

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