How Do I Start My Own Private Label Liquid Supplement Line?

A private label liquid supplement line can be a profitable business venture. The herbal supplement industry is expected to double by 2022, and those looking to stay ahead of the trend should offer private label supplements. Unlike offering name-brand products, private label items give retailers more control over price margins. Successful private labels can increase profitability and build brand influence. Customers will continue to come back to a product that is exclusive to your store, and high-quality herbal supplements will attract new customers.

Although starting a private label business includes an initial risk, Cedar Bear's exceptional customer service team makes the entire process easy and stress-free. For the last 30 years, we have helped hundreds of businesses choose an herbal supplement and design a custom label and container. If you have an idea for a combination of ingredients that are not found in our inventory, contact us today and we will discuss your options. Or, if you want to privately offer one of our existing herbal blends, we will create a custom package that matches your brand. For more information about Cedar Bear™ private label supplements, visit us online or call 435-823-8505.

The Four Steps to Launching a Line of Private Label Liquid Supplements

The first step towards launching a successful line of private label supplements is deciding which supplement you want to sell. Cedar Bear™ offers a variety of blends that can be modified or sold in bulk to businesses looking to market a specific item. For instance, gyms and massage parlors may be interested in providing our Joint & Muscle Support blend or our Respiratory & Immune Support. Many of our products contain adaptogens, which are natural substances that balance and normalize bodily processes. All of our blends are made with a variety of natural ingredients that can be sold as individual herbal formulas. Check out our catalog for more information on our various blends.

After deciding on which supplement you would like to sell, find a high-quality supplement supplier. Quality is the key to any successful private label, and finding a high-quality, low-cost supplier is an important initial step. Check out our website for customer testimonials and to read about our unique TincTract® process.

Building a brand will help generate profits when you begin to offer private label supplements. Many small and medium-sized businesses underestimate the power of branding. A brand name and logo that resonates with a wide audience will increase overall profits, and it will help immortalize your private label. The most successful private labels today are offered by well-known brands such as Costco and Kohl's. Drawing customers to your website or store will give the private label product enough exposure to begin making money for your business.

The last step in launching a successful private label is to market your products. Marketing is the cousin of branding, and if your small company isn't receiving enough exposure, successfully marketing a high-quality private label supplement will help build your brand. Cedar Bear™ herbal supplements are great tasting and potent, and they are great for pets, children and adults. Partnering with Cedar Bear™ opens up time and resources so that businesses can spend more energy on marketing and distribution rather than worry about processing and manufacturing.

Call Cedar Bear™ Today for a Free Consultation

To launch a flourishing private label supplement, call Call Cedar Bear™ today at 435-823-8505 for a free consultation. Our premier customer service team will help you every step of the way.

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