How Do I Launch My Own Private Label Liquid Supplement on Amazon?

Amazon connects independent sellers with one of the largest audiences in the world. Once you've established a brand, Cedar Bear™ can send your products to Amazon's fulfillment program. Instead of listing each item in a brick-and-mortar inventory, businesses can generate revenue through Amazon's drop shipping and warehouse program. To begin selling immediately, follow these steps:

First, decide what you want to sell. Cedar Bear™ creates unique herbal supplement blends that boost and support natural body processes. Through our proprietary TincTract® process, we extract herbal concentrates with glycerin instead of alcohol. Through this method, our concentrates have a fresh, herbal taste, and they retain their potency. TincTracts® have a long shelf life, and they are available for pets, children, and adults. Check out our website for more information on individual products and for a complete catalog of our various products.

The 5 Steps to Selling on Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program that allows businesses to store their products in an Amazon warehouse. Amazon will pack, ship and provide customer service for a pay-as-you-go fee. This allows businesses to expand and reach a larger audience without having to pay for additional warehouse space. To get started with FBA, send your products to Amazon and list them on Then, monitor your sales through Amazon's integrated online tracking system.

Use Amazon's analytics to adjust your price to match the top-listed items. When customers order your products, Amazon locates the closest warehouse and manages your order volume. Then, Amazon will ship your product and provide customer service for each transaction. The seller is charged with shipping costs, and Amazon provides tracking information for each sale. Currently, Amazon offers a multi-channel fulfillment program where sellers can single-source their inventory and sell on multiple platforms. When customers order from the seller's website,, or any other third-party platform, Amazon will pack and ship each product.

How Selling Private Label Supplements on Amazon Can Grow Your Business

Amazon provides businesses with fast delivery, simple operations, and instant scalability. Small to medium-sized businesses will save money on fulfillment cost and grow with Amazon's competitive rates and scalable capacity. Choosing the right product to list on Amazon is a crucial first step. Low-cost, high-quality Cedar Bear™ herbal supplements will attract customers and help small businesses build their brand.

Cedar Bear™ provides vendors with premium liquid herbal supplements that provide support for a variety of bodily systems. Many of our blends contain adaptogens that balance the body's natural processes. Adaptogens help improve the body's ability to combat mild stress and fatigue. Less stress enables other bodily systems to operate normally. Peruse our catalog for a full breakdown of each ingredient to find the blend that best matches your brand.

Contact Cedar Bear™ Today for a Private Label Partnership

For the last 30 years, the team at Cedar Bear™ has extracted and combined herbal concentrates into tasty blends. If you have a blend in mind that you would like to create, contact our customer service team to discuss your options. Or, if there is a blend on our website that you would like to modify in order to best suit your customers' needs, we can alter any of our existing blends. Call 435-823-8505 today to find out more about our superior liquid herbal supplements.

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