How are Cedar Bear's Private Label Liquid Supplements Different?

The Cedar Bear difference resides in our proprietary TincTract process. Instead of using alcohol to extract herbal concentrates, we use glycerin so that the herb retains its primary, secondary, and tertiary compounds. As a result, our herbal concentrates are potent, long-lasting, and have the fresh, natural taste of herbs. Many of our concentrates contain natural substances called adaptogens that support the body's ability to 'adapt' to stress. Adaptogens help other bodily systems—such as the digestive, respiratory, and immune systems—function normally.

For the last 30 years, Cedar Bear has provided businesses and individuals with high-quality herbal concentrates that support and balance the body. Businesses looking to take advantage of the growing industry of herbal supplements should consider our private label partnership. We will package and label our product with your businesses logo so that your customers will continue to return to your store after falling in love with our unique herbal supplements. For more information on each herbal blend and single formula, call 1-888-854-3727 or click here.

Which Herbal Concentrates Offers the Most Therapeutic Benefits?

The best herbal concentrate for therapeutic benefits depends on the reason for taking herbal supplements and the company that provides them. Cedar Bear offers a variety of soothing blends such as Kava Calm, Calming Chamomile, Thryro Calm, Respir Ease, Joint and Muscle Support and more! Those who are trying to alleviate digestive issues may love our pau d'arco blend for its ability to help the body normalize upset stomachs with its natural cleaning action. Whether the most therapeutic blend involves immune support or respiratory relief, Cedar Bear offers an assortment of all-natural herbal blends.

The exceptional customer service team at Cedar Bear makes the private label and wholesale buying process easy and stress-free. Businesses that want to offer unique herbal supplements to their customers should review our catalog for descriptions of each product. If there is an herbal concentrate you would like to modify, consult with our team by calling 1-888-854-3727. Or, if there is a combination of ingredients you would like to mix into a concentrate, we can discuss your options. Private label branding has never been easier, and businesses who want more control over their profit margins should look into the benefits of private label.

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With the copious amount of herbal supplements on the market today, Cedar Bear provides the best-tasting, alcohol-free liquid herbal extracts available. Our blends contain functional ingredients that support the body in a variety of ways. Come and explore the possibilities of herbal healthcare with Cedar Bear.