History of Herbs in Europe

Herbs have been utilized by all cultures since long before recorded history. Tribal cultures used and cultivated herbs for food and remedies for thousands of years. Herbs are mentioned in Genesis and the study of herbs has its origins in ancient Egypt as early as 300 B.C. Early herb gardens could be found in Europe in the Middle Ages. 

In many cultures, herbs were symbolic. Borage, for example, was given to those who needed courage. Rosemary was often utilized as an herb for remembrance. In early cultures, herbs were often only available during the warm months of the growing season. As history progressed, herb growers started drying herbs for use in the cold months. Today, fresh herbs for consumption is one of the fastest growing agricultural businesses. 

The Use of Herbs in Europe Throughout the Years

The Europeans were no different than the Asians and Egyptians when it came to using herbs. They were called herbalists throughout the nation and the Europeans ones would travel across the continent sharing their wisdom and their herbs with people. This allowed them to spread healing tools to those who would normally never see these herbs.

Two notable herbalists were Dioscorides and Galen, who compiled a list of herbs people should use for medicine. This book would be used for 1500 years without any major changes being done to it. You can tell an herb apart from a spice because of the texture and the green shade it gives off. Spices are also typically grown in tropical regions, not Europe. To this day, people continue to use herbs to make tinctures and other supplements.

Beneficial European Herbs to Use

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