High Quality Herbs

Nowadays, the easiest way to order herbs is online, having the product delivered directly to you. Unfortunately, when you can’t see or touch the produce you’re buying, it can be difficult to discern the quality. Many online wholesalers and suppliers are based overseas, or sources their product from foreign manufacturers. Overseas suppliers of herbs are not subject to the same FDA regulations as those in the United States, and as a result, the quality of your product suffers.

Cedar Bear is your best source of high quality herbs. We are located in Utah, and can quickly and easily ship orders all over the Unites States. Our production methods naturally preserve the freshness and quality of your herbs, and keep them from being exposed to any contaminants. We rotate our products, so you’ll never end up with stale, dilapidated, herbs. A third part quality control agency frequently inspects our facility, and checks all of the products we sell. When you order from Cedar Bear, you can be sure that you are receiving the high quality herbs you are looking for.

High Quality Herbal Supplements

If you are looking for herbs to balance your body and boost your health, then consider using a high quality herbal supplement. Navigating the new territory of herbal supplements can be difficult with only entry-level knowledge because you are often left wasting months experimenting with faulty online recipes, or buying cheap ineffective products. Cedar Bear has over 35 years of research behind our formulas, and we take into account every single characteristic of each herb when we blend them into our supplements, from their restorative properties to their taste. Eliminate unnecessary hassle of trial and error by using Cedar Bear’s pre-formulated herbal supplements.

Cedar Bear’s liquid herbal supplements are extremely unique, and can’t be replicated by other manufacturers. Our proprietary TincTract process extracts and all the best qualities of our ingredients, and concentrates them into one exquisite bottle. Nutrients from the herbs are perfectly extracted, and naturally preserved. Our liquid supplements are easy to digest, so your body can take advantage of the herbal ingredients as soon as you begin to use the supplement. Our herbal supplements are the highest quality on the market, free of GMO produce, and come with a satisfaction guarantee. Try them today!

Herbal Traditions

Herbal tradition dates back thousands of years, and many ancient Chinese and Ayruvedic traditions are still being used today. Making traditional salves, tonics, and teas requires the highest grade plants, which are proven to be grown, transported, processed, and stored, in safe and sanitary conditions. If you are trying to promote and encourage natural health, the last things you want to do is expose a client to residual waste left of mismanaged ingredients.

Cedar Bear™ prides itself on providing the finest herbs that have been used throughout all of history. Some of our products have herbs that were used in Ancient Egypt, in China, and other herbal traditions. If you want to know more about where each of our herbs originate, please feel free to browse our products to see where they originate from.

If you would like to use our network and capabilities to get the best herbs available, contact us to set up a bulk/wholesaler agreement. You can contact us here https://www.cedarbear.com/pages/wholesale-registration. If you have any questions about our wholesale registration process, please give us a call at 1-888-854-3727. One of our team members will be able to give you any additional information you need, and help you find the right herbs for your purposes.

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