Herbs For Supporting All Aspects of the Digestive Tract

Herbs For Supporting the Digestive Tract

Did you know approximately 85% of the body's overall immunity takes place in the digestive system? That's right – 85%!

Herbs play an important role in supporting healthy digestion throughout the body. There are four lines of immune defense. The first line of immune defense is the Digestive System.

At Cedar Bear, we bring you a wide variety of herbal formulas and supplements that are 100% alcohol-free, great tasting, and are manufactured right here in the United States. They're FDA cGMP inspected, Kosher certified, Vegan certified, Halal compliant, and manufactured in a NSF certified facility & operations.

Digestion starts when you first see and smell food. The sight and smell of your favorite foods release saliva to help your body break down sugar and starches, and it triggers the production of digestive juices in the stomach.

Once you chew and swallow your food, it then passes into your stomach, where it is broken down with the help of digestive juices over a period that lasts up to five hours. Other organs, like the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, play a very important role in supporting digestion. Your intestines are also extremely important to the digestive process. To help support your digestive system's natural function, Cedar Bear® has developed several different formulas and herbal singles especially geared for digestive support.

Herbs That Support the Liver

The liver is extremely important for digestion. It's the largest 'manufacturing' organ in the body, where enzymes are made, and proteins, fats and sugars are utilized and configured into metabolic components.

The liver interfaces with a plethora of roles within the body from the nutrients broke down in the small intestine. Bile from the liver secreted into the small intestine plays a super important role in digesting fat. 

The liver is also one of the most resilient, amazing organs in your body. In addition to helping the body with digestion, the liver also supports your blood by removing wastes and toxins, storing minerals and vitamins, and regulating hormones. Your liver also plays a major role in supporting your body's immune system (as it is the second line of immune defense). We recommend using Cedar Bear's Liver Build with Milk Thistle formula and Milk Thistle single herb to support your liver's natural health.

Here are some popular herbs and formulas from Cedar Bear that aid healthy liver function within the body. 

Liver Build With Milk Thistle

Liver Build is an all-natural alcohol-free herbal formula by Cedar Bear that helps protect the liver from all those toxins it has to filter. Liver Build has a gentle, yet powerful antioxidant action that helps the liver deal with health-damaging free-radicals. It has Milk Thistle as its primary herb, which is well known as Nature's most effective herb for protecting and building liver health. The other herbs in Liver Build support Milk Thistle's protective action and work together to soothe over-stimulated livers and help your liver function at its best.

Milk Thistle Seed

The premier herb for supporting healthy liver/gallbladder function, Milk Thistle has a unique antioxidant action specific to the liver that protects and builds the liver. Supports digestion and lactation. Also known as Mary's Thistle, named for the white mottling on its leaves that was said to look like milk from Mother Mary, Milk Thistle has been used for liver strengthening for many centuries. It has recently been found to be supportive of helping to balance insulin levels for youth related blood sugar imbalances. Native to Southern Europe and Asia, now grows throughout the world.

Herbs That Support the Gallbladder and Pancreas

The gallbladder and pancreas play an important role in digestion. Even these organs do not seem like they play a major role in your daily or overall health or a central role in your anatomy, but they do. For example, the gallbladder plays a key role in storing bile and aiding in control of bowel evacuation cycles. The pancreas helps regulate blood sugar levels within the body as well as secrete key digestive enzymes as food passes through your gut. Here are some herbs that support your natural function of your body's gallbladder and pancreas.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion's health benefits were first documented in the ninth century in the Middle East. It was later introduced to Europe, where it has been used ever since. We have the Early English colonists to "thank" for bringing Dandelion to America in the 1600s for its medical and nutritional benefits, and it soon spread throughout North America where indigenous people saw its value and also began using it for its health and nutritional benefits. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as European herbal Medicine, Dandelion Root is used to support the liver and gall bladder, to promote digestion and to support the detoxification process.

European Elderberry

Elderberry is a mainstay of traditional European herbalism used particularly for supporting respiratory health and the immune system. Part of its benefits is attributed to containing antioxidants and being nutrient rich. Elderberry is also used to support the liver and upper respiratory tract.

Bilberry Fruit

Bilberry fruit is an antioxidant herb; gently supports & builds the immune system, kidney/urinary tract, pancreas, digestive system; may benefit night vision; supports healthy blood sugar levels and strength of veins and capillaries.

Herbs That Support the Intestinal Tract

The intestinal tract plays an important role in digestion. The small intestine helps remove minerals and process nutrients for the body to use, while the large intestine absorbs water, finishes digestion in the ascending colon, and readies remaining spent matter for eliminating from the colon.

Cedar Bear® has several herbs that help with overall gut health, but our flagship Intestinal Cleanse formula gives you everything you need to support the overall natural healthy function of your intestines.

Intestinal Cleanse

Everyone, from young children through adulthood, and our pets also, will benefit from doing a cleanse with Intestinal Cleanse by Cedar Bear on a seasonal change basis four times a year to help keep their bodies in optimal health. Intestinal Cleanse has black walnut hull, wormwood, clove, and other supporting herbs that have been well known for centuries to help to create an inhospitable environment for unwelcome intruders, which helps keep them from setting up shop in the first place.

Lemon Balm Leaf

Lemon balm is also known as Melissa (Greek for honey bee), or balm mint. A member of the mint family with a pleasant, lemony smell. Soothes and settles digestion and nerves, helps calm overactive thyroid activity, cooling, aids sleep. Native to central/southern Europe and Mediterranean regions, now found in the wild in North America.