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Herbs For Energy and Stamina

Cedar Bear® is proud to bring you great tasting herbs that support natural energy levels for the body. There are times throughout the day where we feel tired or need a little bit of energy without caffeine or other stimulants. Sustain the energy you need throughout the day by using natural herbal products. All of our herbs and formulas are manufactured in the United States. We have been in business for 35+ years.

Energy Blend
Maca Root
Stamina & Energy Blend
Guarana Seed
Libido Support for Men
Ginseng Root American
Ginkgo Leaf
Ginseng Root
Libido Support for Women
Eleuthero Root
Herbal Minerals Daily
Ginseng Vitality Blend
Ginkgo Memory Build
Garcinia Fruit
Metabolism Support Blend
Astragalus Root
Damiana Leaf
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