Herbal Supplements Definition

An herbal supplement is a type of dietary supplement that contains herbs. A supplement is a consumable that is taken in addition to a daily diet, and not in place of one. They help to introduce nutrients to your body that it is lagging, or cannot adequately produce itself to keep you healthy.

Cedar Bear is proud to produce high quality liquid herbal supplements to give your health a boost. We believe in the power of herbs and are dedicated to supporting and improving health and wellness using support from nature. Here’s a closer look at herbs, what they can do, and who uses them.

What Are Herbs?

Herbs are plants that are used for flavor, medicine, or for aroma. Many herbs are derivatives of a certain part of a plant. Many herbs are single parts of a plant like leaves, flowers, berries, stems, or roots of plants. There are thousands of known herbs on the planet, although some are more common and more widely used than others. Herbs have been used for thousands of years to help individuals maintain their overall health.

Herbs are incredibly common in every day. We commonly use herbs like basil, oregano, thyme, mint, and rosemary for cooking to add flavor and spice. We also use herbs like lavender, mint, berries, and cinnamon to add wonderfully rich scents into our air and products. All of these herbs are also full of vitamins and minerals that can give your body a much needed boost.

Herbal Supplement Uses

Herbal supplements have been used for thousands of years as part of a healthy diet and can help maintain your overall health. For example, if you are having trouble getting to sleep, instead of a sleeping pill, you might want to try chamomile. Chamomile helps the muscles and the digestive system relax so you can drift off to sleep easier, without the racing thoughts, tossing and turning. Lavender has a similar effect, as does kava, and many others.

This goes for vitamin deficiencies as well. Since herbs are full of nutrients, an herbal supplement can be a great way to get in a little extra vitamin D (a nutrient many Americans are lacking from their diet) or even iron, using herbs that are rich in the important mineral.

Herbs for Better Health

Herbs have also been shown to provide great benefits for overall health and wellness. The added nutrients are a good step to help to give your body the support that it needs to get back to good health. They can be used in conjunction with medical treatment, or can be tried before a costly and harsher form of treatment is tried. The best person to ask about the best herbs for you is your doctor, as they will be able to assess your situation and make recommendations.

Herbal supplements are widely popular across the United States, as many find them to be gently helpful in getting them the relief they need from small ailments and common, temporary conditions. Some of the most common herbal supplements that are used in the united states are:

  • Black cohosh for female reproductive health and relief from menstrual and menopausal discomfort.
  • Echinacea for immune support and as a preventative to help your body ward off the cold and flu.
  • Garlic, which is a popular flavor, can help improve your cardiovascular system..
  • Green tea for its caffeine and antioxidants to wake you up and help protect the body.
  • St. John’s wort is a mood booster that can increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

Cedar Bear Supplements

For high quality herbs, visit Cedar Bear. Our supplements are liquid, meaning the body can absorb them quickly, letting you reap the benefits much faster than other methods. They are also shelf stable, alcohol free, kosher certified, and free of corn, soy, gluten, and dairy. We believe in the power of herbs, so we’ve created herbal supplements to help you benefit the power of nature.

Browse our extensive product collection to find an herb that is right for you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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