Herbal Remedies for Sleep

Everybody has had a time in their life where they could not fall asleep. Cedar Bear™ carries several calming supplements, such as our chamomile blends. These can potentially help with the relief of mild and temporary sleeplessness. They can even help those struggling with sleep problems to get to sleep and sleep better.

At Cedar Bear, we believe in the power of herbs, and process hundreds of herbs into high quality liquid botanical herb supplements. All of our products are all natural, and even Kosher certified, so you know that you are getting a product made under high scrutiny, and with high standards. Many of our products are great for helping you get a better night sleep. Here’s a look at a few herbs to help you get some rest, and a few of our products that we recommend.

Herbs for Better Rest

Certain herbs are better for rest than others. Those that help you out at bedtime are those that help your muscles relax, and ease the mind. Chamomile is very popular for this reason. Chamomile is full of antioxidants. You can use chamomile as a relaxant, but can also be used to reduce gas and stomach upset, irritability, and can even help reduce nasal irritation from allergies or a cold, which will surely help you sleep more soundly. Chamomile can be brewed into a tea, taken in a tablet or pill, and through liquid herbal supplements.

There are numerous other herbs to help you relax at the end of the day, such as California poppy flower, lemon balm, passion flower, kava kava and lavender.

Cedar Bear Herbs

Liquid herbs help the body absorb the vitamins and minerals quickly. Among introduction to the body, the highly concentrated liquid begins to be absorbed by the body immediately, so you can reap its effects sooner. At Cedar Bear, we make our liquid herbal supplements using a unique method called TincTract. We use glycerin and never alcohol like other manufacturers, and we extract all of the elements and compounds from the herb, not just a single material. This process creates more than a tincture, and more than an extract using four distinct steps to remove all of the nutritious elements of an herb, leaving only the fibers of the plant behind.

We process hundreds of herbs using glycerin and purified water in our TincTract method, including several that can help you sleep. You can find passionflower leaf, lavender flower, chamomile flower, lemon balm leaf, and California poppy flower supplements at Cedar Bear. We also have liquid herbal blends developed with several herbs to help you more than a single herb necessarily could. Here’s a look at a few of those.

Calming Chamomile

This blend, as its name suggests, contains chamomile, but it doesn’t stop there. It also includes catnip leaf and stem, passionflower leaf, spearmint leaf, horsetail herb, hops flower, and French rose flower. These herbs work together to calm nervous energy, aid digestion, and reduce overall tension and stress. Order Calming Chamomile here.

Lavender Calm

Lavender is often used to relieve stress when consumed, and even through aromatherapy. This blend includes lavender flower, hops flower, skullcap herb, passionflower leaf, schisandra berry, anise seed, and licorice root. It is great for soothing the digestive system, a common factor in general nervousness and tension in the body. It also works by promoting relaxation, and provides calming support to help you get over occasional sleeplessness. Order Lavender Calm here.

Kava Calm

This natural remedy works to relax the muscles and provide soothing support to the central nervous system and digestive system. It helps to reduce the mild anxiety that can be caused by tossing and turning, or by a restless mind. Overall, it helps to relieve stress and sleeplessness by helping with relaxation. Kava Calm is a blend of kava kava root, California poppy flower, hops flower, skullcap herb, passionflower leaf, schisandra berry, anise seed, and licorice root. Order Kava Calm here.

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If you encounter mild sleeplessness, give natural herbs a try. You can order all of these amazing herbs and herbal blends from Cedar Bear. Browse our great selection of products and order today to start seeing the healing, relaxing power of herbs for yourself.

Contact us here if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about us or our products.

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