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Founders Carl and Jhoane teaching a class on the fundamentals of the TincTract® process.

Cedar Bear® Product Seminars

Need training in Cedar Bear® products? We are happy to help you – just let us know what you want training in. Give us topics and specific needs you want addressed, and we’ll get you the information, whether face-to-face, by internet, email info, etc. Contact us to find out when the next scheduled class is, or to set up a training for your store.


Cedar Bear® also hosts on-site retreats at its Cedar Bear® Herb Farm located just few miles from its manufacturing facility.

The farm has modern conveniences as well as rustic set-ups for both bunker types and camping types of individuals.

Lodge/library, 3 queen bed guest rooms, 2 bunk cabins (accommodates 4 each), Commons unit (Living/Kitchen Galley/Bathroom-Utility rooms), all-weather canvas cabins a plenty (heavy duty Springbar® tents), enclosed outdoor dry toilets & shower units, fully equipped outfitters kitchen and eating arena, gardens, fields, pocket gardens & grassy greens, chickens (fresh, open range eggs), ducks & ducklings, songbirds, wildlife, etc. It's like being in the mountains camping only much more comfortable and convenient.

It's a great place for a store and its team to come for a weekend retreat to meet the founders, meet the Cedar Bear® team, learn about and experience the products from the founders personally, and stock up on special retreat attendance only discount purchases of our products.

Space is limited so retreats need to be pre-scheduled and numbers arranged for, as sometimes more than one store/party may be attending a weekend retreat.

For more information call: 888-854-3727 and ask for 'Retailers Training & Retreats' information and scheduling. Or you can inquire by emailing: sales@cedarbear.com.

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