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Throughout human history, herbs have been used for a variety of purposes. For thousands of years, we have used herbs to maintain a healthy lifestyle, spice our food, and supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals that are hard to find elsewhere. Because of the health promoting properties of herbs, it is no wonder that they are still in demand today. Herbs can be found in various different forms and for various different purposes in the world today. Let’s take a closer look at liquid herbal supplements and what types of herbal products are available with Cedar Bear.

Cedar Bear is a small American business dedicated to providing high quality, high concentrated, and tasty liquid herbal supplements. We have revolutionized the liquid herbal manufacturing process to maximize the effectiveness of each herb, so you can reap their full benefits, without the alcohol or preservatives used in other products.

Cedar Bear Staff Picks

Immune and Seasonal Support

Using peppermint leaf, elder flower, yarrow leaf, astragalus root and more, our Immune and Seasonal Support Blend helps your immune system by gently boosting its immune response and promoting sweating to enhance the body’s natural ability to remove toxins. It also helps the respiratory and digestive systems to give your body the best tools dealing with seasonal incursions and expelling toxins.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Herbal Single

Lion’s Mane, like similar mushrooms, promotes and builds general health with antioxidants, fatty acids, polypeptides and polysaccharides like beta-glucans. It is a great supplement to build general health because of its wide variety of benefits. It helps support a healthy digestive system, brain, and nerve cells.

Endurance and Metabolism Support

This is a combination of many herbs from all over the world like astragalus root, schisandra berry, ginkgo leaf, stinging nettle leaf, cassia bark and more. These herbs come together to give you a stronger general health, vitality and metabolism. All of the herbs used help the body handle the stress that is put on it when engaging in rigorous activities like sport training and vigorous physical labor. It will help your body perform better, maintain and sustain your activity and then give it the stress support that it needs to recover.

Other Herbal Supplements

The list of amazing liquid herbal supplements that we offer doesn’t stop there. We process hundreds of herbs using our revolutionary proprietary TincTract liquid herb manufacturing process to extract the natural healing power of herbs. No matter what type of support your body needs, Cedar Bear’s collection of dozens of liquid herbal supplements singles and blends won’t disappoint. Check out our most popular products here, including:

  • Immune and Seasonal Support
  • California Poppy Flower
  • Heal All Leaf
  • Respir Ease
  • Slim Now!
  • Bacopa Leaf
  • Energy Blend
  • Elecampane Root

Quality Kosher Products

All of the herbs and other ingredients that we use to produce our liquid supplements are Kosher certified, along with our final product. We are proud to be able to manufacture an amazing product at a Kosher standard. Every product of ours is also inherently gluten free. Unlike many other brands, we never use alcohol to process our herbs.

L. Carl Robinson, our founder and herb expert, set out to develop a method to process herbs without alcohol, which causes many herbs to lose effectiveness and flavor. Many extraction methods target a specific compound in the herb to extract, leaving the rest of the botanical to waste. Carl created the TincTract method. It processes herbs in multiple steps with glycerin, not alcohol, and maintains the aroma, flavor and effectiveness of the original herb because it does not target one specific beneficial compound in the herb. It maintains the natural ratio of nutrients within the herb and creates a tasty, concentrated, and effective liquid herbal supplement that is stable for years and requires no preservatives or refrigeration after opening.

We aim to give impeccable attention to every detail of processing, blending, bottling, and selling our liquid herbal supplements. We have put great care and over 35 years of research into every supplement and blend that we produce so you can harness the power of natural herbs to give your body a boost in whatever way it needs. We believe in the healing power of herbs and that each one can be used to improve lives in some way.

Order Today

If you are looking for quality and tasty herbal products, view our online product catalog. We have dozens of products sourced from hundreds of botanicals to help nourish and rebalance your body. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-854-3727 or contact us here. We hope that you will give our products a try and let us show you just how beneficial and effective natural herbal supplements can be.

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