Herbal Glycerites 101

Cedar Bear® manufactures great-tasting alcohol-free liquid herbal concentrates using our proprietary TincTract® process. Many tinctures use alcohol to extract the beneficial components of the plant material. Our TincTract® process utilizes vegetable-based glycerin. There are several benefits that our glycerin-based products offer over alcohol-based tinctures. These include:

  • Glycerites are perfect for those who choose not to use alcohol for religious, science or personal reasons.
  • Unlike alcohol, glycerin does not denature or render inert many biologically significant botanical components.
  • Glycerin-based herbal supplements help preserve the full integrity of the original herb used to make the product due to glycerin's micro encapsulating of extracted components and constituents.
  • Liquid herbal supplements made with glycerin have a great flavor, compared to alcohol-based tinctures.

History of Glycerites

Glycerin was first identified in 1799 by a Swedish chemist named Carl W. Scheele after heating olive oil with a lead oxide. The resulting material was a clear, odorless, syrupy liquid. Glycerin was officially named with the Greek word "glukus," meaning sweet. The USP grade Kosher certified GMO-Free vegetable glycerin that we use is ideal for our alcohol-free herbal glycerites. Glycerine preserves the whole herb parts used in all of our single formulas and blends. Glycerin also helps contribute to the longevity of each Cedar Bear® liquid herbal supplement. Our extracts are as good for as long as you need them and don't require refrigeration, even after opening! 

A Glycerite for Every Purpose

At Cedar Bear®, we like to say "We have an herb for that." We manufacture our lines for adults, pets, and children. You should choose Cedar Bear® because:

  • We were founded and are administered by a professional clinical and formulary herbalist with 35+ years of experience in alcohol-free liquid herbs. You can taste and feel it in our products.
  • We've been doing alcohol-free herbal glycerite products since 1982 and have been in the business doing it longer than anyone else, by decades in fact!
  • Our TincTract® process preserves the best parts of the herbs for you.

Browse our products to see which product is a good fit for you and your loved ones:

  • Herbal Singles: The great tasting herbs that you grew up with. 
  • Herbal Blends: Formulas containing many different herbs to help support your health for special needs and throughout the day every day. 
  • Pets Now!: Glycerite herbs for your furry friend (fur kids to some). 
  • Cedar Bear® Iodine: Our mono element triiodide of nascent iodine supplement manufactured with glycerin. 
  • Kids' Formulas: Alcohol-free glycerites that are for your kids. 


Why Choose Cedar Bear®

Cedar Bear® prides itself on bringing you the best totally alcohol-free liquid herbal glycerites to help you with your daily herbal regimen. We offer affordable prices on products that were an industry first. All of our products are manufactured in the USA. Service, reliability, and integrity are Cedar Bear® trademarks.