Energy Supplements for Kids

Children need supplements to stay healthy and strong. Most people, especially children, have a hard time receiving their daily supply of vitamins and minerals from food alone. Liquid herbal supplements are easy, great-tasting, and they supply children with their daily recommended amount of vitamins. Unlike many name-brand multivitamins or over-the-counter supplements, Cedar Bear™ Tinctracts® contain pure herbal concentrates with numerous health benefits. Our functional ingredients balance and support the body, and each Tinctract® contains a glycerin-based herbal concentrate.

For 30 years, Cedar Bear™ has developed great-tasting liquid herbal concentrates using a proprietary Tinctract® process that uses glycerin instead of alcohol to extract herbal compounds. Unlike alcohol, glycerin allows each herb to maintain its primary, secondary, and tertiary herbal compounds, resulting in a concentrate that is highly potent and fresh tasting. Alcohol denatures the herb and renders useless many of its benefits. Cedar Bear™ offers a better concentrate—one that doesn't expire quickly or taste bitter. The herbal marketplace has many different concentrates and finding the best product can be difficult. Visit our website for more information about our unique distillation process and instructions on how to launch your own private label.

Balance Endocrine Function with Cedar Bear™ Liquid Herbal Supplements

Many of our tasty concentrates contain adaptogens, which are natural substances used to balance endocrine and limbic systems. Adaptogens help the body 'adapt' to stress and fatigue, resulting in all-around body support and balance. The less stress the body holds, the better each system operates. Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years to boost the body's natural ability to resist stress and fatigue, and they have reappeared in homeopathic medicine as people search for natural ways to support their thyroid.

The experts at Cedar Bear™ extract concentrates from adaptogenic herbs, and combine them together to support and balance the body. Our Focus & Attention for Kids blend uses a special combination of adaptogenic herbs to help the body adapt to stress and support calm behavior and mental focus. Included in this blend are minerals that promote healthy adrenal function, balance the endocrine system, and relax nerves. Apply 1 to 3 drops daily to food, water, or directly into the mouth.

Respiratory & Immune Support for Kids is a popular herbal blend that supports respiratory function. Children involved in sports or other active recreational activities require vitamins that support the respiratory and digestive system. Herbal vitamins gently support the body, and they don't contain many of the synthetic ingredients found in common name-brand multivitamins. Respiratory & Immune Support for Kids contains elecampane root, elderberry, lungwort leaf, and astragalus root. Maintain healthy breathing, digestion, and immune function with this great-tasting blend.

Herbal Blood Builder is a comprehensive liquid herbal supplement for kids who want a natural way to balance the body. With ingredients such as stinging nettle leaf, beet root, gotu kola herb and more, this herbal blend supports healthy skin, immune function, and joint strength. Stinging nettle leaf has been used since ancient Greece, and it continues to be a popular ingredient found in holistic healthcare.

Grow Your Business with Cedar Bear™ Private Label

The herbal supplement industry is growing rapidly, and customer worldwide are demanding natural solutions to age-old health problems. The team at Cedar Bear™ is committed to extracting and combining liquid herbal supplements into products that balance and restore the body to its natural, healthy state. Our products are gentle, fast-acting, and long-lasting. They are available for pets, children and adults. Businesses looking to stay ahead of the trend and establish their brand should consider a private label partnership. Cedar Bear™ makes high-quality, unique blends that customers will love. If you have an idea for an herbal blend, call our offices at 435-823-8505, and we will discuss your private label options.

The key to a successful private label lies in the quality of the product. For decades, Cedar Bear™ has partnered with businesses to launch successful private label products. We have perfected the distillation method and herbal concentrate extraction process, and our Tinctracts® stand out from the rest. They have are alcohol-free, long-lasting, and fresh-tasting. Cedar Bear™ gives businesses more control over their inventory and pricing margins because private label products are usually cheaper to make. Businesses deal directly with the supplier, and Cedar Bear's™ friendly customer service team makes the entire process easy and stress-free.

For more information about private label branding, visit us online. We offer customized blends for resell, and we have a direct line of high-quality liquid herbal supplements that are safe for kids, pets, and adults. Order today by visiting our website.

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