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Pets Supplements

Like humans, our pets often need nutritional and direct-aid supplementation too. Many pets have specific health needs that could be addressed with herbal supplements. Unlike over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, herbal supplements don’t contain harsh isolate components or additives. Herbs are all-natural and gentle on the body. Giving herbal supplements to your pets is a great way to provide them with additional benefits that will restore balance to their health.

Cedar Bear founder, L. Carl Robinson, discovered a way to extract herbal concentrates by using glycerin instead of alcohol. Cedar bear supplements taste fresh to the raw herb because glycerin retains the plant’s primary, secondary, and tertiary compounds, including flavoring compounds. Not only does using glycerin improve the taste of each supplement, but it makes them pure and effective. Glycerin does not denature or render components of the plant inert during the extractive process. This means that each supplement possesses the pure, natural and a full-spectrum of components contained in each herbal ingredient. Cedar Bear products are long-lasting, great-tasting, and stable. Check out our inventory today for products your pets will love.

Best Selling Herbal Pets Supplements

Once we process the herbs, we combine them to create unique herbal supplements. Pets Now!™ products should be administered according to your pet’s size and needs. We offer herbal blends for joints, muscles, energy balance, coat, and urinary systems. Liquid herbal supplements from Cedar Bear™ can help your pets with their overall general health and well-being.

Pets Now!™ Digest Aid

This natural TincTract® provides your pets with a digestive boost. Apply this herbal supplement to your pet’s food, water, or directly into their mouth. With ingredients such as beetroot, alfalfa leaf, and chamomile flower, this supplement will promote renal and excretory health, as well as reduce mild anxiety.

Pets Now!™ Daily Needs

This TincTract® has carefully selected ingredients that work together to promote kidney, bladder, immune strength, and digestive function. Pets Now!™ Daily Needs is the one-stop-shop of herbal pet supplements. contact Cedar Bear today to explore our private label options.

Pets Now!™ Joint & Muscle Support

This TincTract® is a favorite of the Cedar Bear staff, and it has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness. Joint & Muscle Support can enhance your pet's natural ability to recover from exercise and overexertion. If your pet is active and energetic, ingredients such as stinging nettle leaf, devil’s claw root, and horsetail herb have trace minerals that help maintain fluids in and around muscle tissue.

Order Cedar Bear Pets Now!™ Today

For natural supplements that enhance the natural ability of your pet’s bodily systems, check out Cedar Bear Pets Now!™. With products that boost immune systems and settle motion-related upset stomachs, you can help your pets receive essential herbal components. Check out our extensive inventory, and place your first order today.

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