Herbal Dietary Supplements for Kids

Children need a complete diet to support healthy and normal growth. Unfortunately, receiving all the recommended daily vitamins through diet alone can be difficult. Herbal dietary supplements provide kids with the dietary balance and support they need to live healthily. Cedar Bear® formula blends are great tasting and easy to apply to food, water, or directly into the mouth. Children who might resist a large multi-vitamin pill may prefer a fresh-tasting herbal concentrate. Cedar Bear® formula blends are made with herbal ingredients that gently provide the body with natural support.

Cedar Bear®'s team has spent decades researching and perfecting liquid herbal supplements, and continues to do so. Our founder & chairman, who is a clinical & formulary herbalist, has over 35+ years alone. He found that most liquid herbal supplement companies use alcohol to make herbal tinctures.

Alcohol denatures  and renders inert many important compounds in herbs. Some herbal compounds affected are aromatics, certain polysaccharides for instance of which said denaturing and inert rendering properties  potentially affects anticipated benefits. This is not here-say, but can be verified in high school level chemistry. So the question to ask here is, "Why use alcohol as a preferred solvent if it just turns around and denatures or renders inert many sought for compounds from the herb being tinctured or extracted?"

Unlike other liquid herbal products companies, Cedar Bear® never uses alcohol but instead uses glycerin to extract herbal concentrates. Throughout the years, we have conducted side-by-side comparisons with our competitors' products. We've found that using glycerin in the TincTract® process results in a better concentrate. Cedar Bear® liquid herbal concentrates retain the fresh, herbal taste unlike any other company's liquid herbs, and they retain the comprehensive benefits of each individual herb like no other totally alcohol-free made liquid herbal product does. For centuries, civilizations have used herbs to promote healthy living. Supply your children with herbal benefits by ordering Cedar Bear®'s superior TincTract® made liquid herbal formula blends.

Best Liquid Herbal Supplements for Kids

Cedar Bear® offers a variety of herbal blends for kids. Visit our website to find the one that best suits your child's needs. For instance, Herbal Minerals for Kids is a tasty supplement for daily use that contains an assortment of naturally occurring health building components. With ingredients such as stinging nettle leaf, alfalfa leaf, heal all, horsetail, red raspberry leaf, and others, Herbal Minerals for Kids promotes strong, healthy bodily structure. For instance, stinging nettle leaf has been used since ancient Greece to naturally support skin, digestive, immune function and build bone and muscle tissue. 

Herbs that support immune function are ingredients in some of Cedar Bear®'s most popular products. Immune Booster for Kids activates immune response throughout the body. Built on a foundation of echinacea and Oregon grape root, this combination, that includes other immune-supporting herbs, supports the digestive system, gallbladder, and lymphatic system. Immune Booster for Kids is great for those looking for a natural boost of immune and respiratory function.

Balance the stomach and reduce mild gas with our premium Pau d'Arco Blend for Kids. Young children often complain about upset stomachs, and soothing their digestive system will lead to a better immune system and a healthy lifestyle. Pau d'arco bark contains several natural compounds that help to build digestive balance and detoxify the body. Supply your children with healthy totally alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements by ordering a tasty TincTract® made product today.

Is Your Business Ready for Private Label Branding?

Cedar Bear® private label program allows businesses to establish their own brand or expand their existing brand by attracting new customers with a new and unique product offering.

Our high-quality, reasonable per-dose cost liquid herbal supplements give businesses more control over their inventory. Instead of paying higher wholesale prices for another company's name-brand items, Cedar Bear® offers businesses affordable products with maximum control of their own brand. As the sole-owner of a private label brand, business owners can modify their private label products according to their customer needs. To get started, call our expert customer service team at 1-888-854-3727.

Cedar Bear® private label partnerships provide businesses with extra time and targeted cost projection to focus on marketing and sales specifically. As a legacy-based business, we value long-term relationships with our private label partners. Instead of worrying about the processing and manufacturing of new herbal products, including up-front costs, time setting up a manufacturing operation, and a plethora of regulatory policies, businesses can spend time and energy on where cash-flow really takes place – product marketing, sales and distribution.

The key to a successful private label endeavor is both a great marketing campaign matched with a high-quality product. We take care of making the product and you take care of the marketing/sales of those products. Call our offices to schedule an appointment where you can discuss acquiring some samples of our products to see that Cedar Bear® is indeed everything we say it is.

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If you have an idea for a liquid herbal supplement that is not currently listed on our website, call our offices and we will discuss your options. Or, if you want to modify an existing stock supplement to better match your brand, we can work with you to do that. Our industry-leading 100% totally alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements provide customers with comprehensive daily components and nutrients that promote overall wellness and health. We offer herbal concentrates for children, adults, and pets. Order online today and experience the gentle healing power of nature.