Custom Private Label Supplements

Service, caring, reliability, and integrity are Cedar Bear® trademarks when it comes to developing private label supplements for our brand clients. Also, we offer unmatched experience, because we been doing it longer than anyone else in the industry, by decades in fact!

Innovation, unmatched quality, and a trusted reputation are what we are known for. With our industry expertise and manufacturing experience, our private label clients can come to us with an idea and leave with a product that is consumer ready for their market. 

Also, seriously consider the following regarding your decision to work with Cedar Bear®.

If you are looking primarily at the lowest price point a private label manufacturer can provide you because you are only interested in a sort of "Vanity" product that is cheap to make with no regard for efficacy or the like, just the 'image' of being so, then please, by all means go find someone else. Point being, we are not that kind of a slip-shod operation.

Even so, our products are actually very reasonably priced for their product category, especially considering the uniqueness and quality they represent.

But there are other things that need to be considered when choosing a private label manufacturer for your brand. Those things are:

• Can a company deliver on what it promises at the price they agree to? Cedar Bear® can and does.

• Can a company provide the quality and consistency of product they represent to an account? Cedar Bear® can and does.

• Does a company have decades of experience in this industry to assure an account the necessary expertise is behind what they do? Cedar Bear® does have the decades of experience and expertise.

• Does a company have a qualified, trained and experienced staff to assure product and service quality? Cedar Bear® has that qualified, trained and experienced staff. In fact, the founder, a bona-fide clinical & formulary herbalist, is an executive of Cedar Bear® and also oversees R&D and product development, including your products!

• Does a company possess the expertise and ability to provide a PLCM account with ingredient and product information that they can use in their marketing & sales endeavors, that will meet the expectations of FDA Title 21 section 110 regulatory policy? Cedar Bear® has been doing just that since the beginning, because with our QA/QC director's oversight and our FDA legal expert attorney's counsel, we have a clinical & formulary herbalist and a traditional & literary herbalist on staff making this happen. They also just happen to be the founder and co-founder of Cedar Bear®

• Does a company have a years upon years well established reputation in the industry for quality, expertise, integrity and caring for its accounts? Cedar Bear® has that reputation, even decades long, and will even turn away business to maintain that reputation.

• Does a company fully comply with FDA cGMP regulatory policy regarding its operations and products? This is a huge determining factor when choosing a company to work with because you will also be subjected to FDA inspections and will need to make sure the manufacturer of your products is also complying with FDA cGMP standards. Cedar Bear® has and continues to cooperate with FDA inspections and meet those inspection expectations.

As you can see, there are numerous points to consider in determining who or who not to work with as your private label manufacturer.

Cedar Bear® takes a very country sort of approach to our communication, meaning we, as the saying goes, "Shoot square from the hip!" meaning, we say it the way it is. We have too (and should), because there's all kinds of factors, expectations, technicalities and regulatory stuff we just can't dance around or act like is not there.

With the staff at Cedar Bear® you'll be dealing with individuals who are polite, professional and down to earth, but they will not leave you hanging or wondering where we're coming from or what is expected to make a business relationship between Cedar Bear® and you be a successful and years long one. If we don't know the answer to a question then we'll do our best to get that answer.

No sugar coating or bluffing our way through something, just being honest and straightforward. We believe you'll like it better that way and will feel more comfortable working with us as such.

If all of this makes sense to you then may we suggest you get on the phone now and call: (888) 854-3727 and ask for PLCM services, the call is free, or you can email us at:

Moving on...

The Cedar Bear® Private Label Manufacturing Process 

All private label supplement products created for our brand clients are unique to the industry. Our flagship technology, the TincTract® process, creates a finished herbal supplement that your customers will want to buy and come back for more. That is because it's the great taste that gets them trying your product and the results that keeps them coming back for more. It really is that simple!

All Cedar Bear® products that you will market under your own label are totally 100% alcohol free. We use USP Grade Kosher certified GMO-free Vegetable Glycerin in our single herbs, formula blends and iodine supplement lines. No alcohol ever! That means products that taste great and are consistent in quality and results.  

One of the benefits of going with Cedar Bear® is that we also use a manufacturing process that protects the environment. Our facility, operations and use of herbs is an earth friendly business that's extremely sensitive to both biological as well as commercial sustainability issues.

We are also aware of issues with threatened/endangered botanicals and want to deliver a private label product that is crafted with the environment in mind.

In fact, where herb ingredient acquisition being converted to a finished product is concerned, Cedar Bear® has one of the lowest 'Biological Impact' indexes on suppressing botanical sustainability in the industry, and in today's world of so many things being unsustainable that's nothing to sneer at.  

View All of Our Supplements That Are Available for Your Own Private Label 

Cedar Bear® manufacturers a wide array of products that are easily differentiated or customized for your own private label needs. You can work with us to private label one of our existing lines or we can help you modify one of our formulas, called 'differentiating,' to fit your brand, or custom develop a formula blend totally unique to your brand, though the later may take longer to do.

Here are some of the product categories that can be private labeled as finished consumer-ready products: 

  • Herbal Singles: Individual herbs that your customers will love 
  • Herbal Formula Blends: Herbal blends that can help your customers maintain their overall health – many are industry 1sts. 
  • Kids Formulas: Herbal blends created just for kids. – we were the 1st alcohol-free liquid formula blends for kids in the industry.
  • Pets Formulas: Our unique blends created especially for pets – of which many are industry 1sts and Vet pet specialist approved.
  • Equine Formulas: Revolutionary herbal formulas with herbs specifically for horses. Our products are a 1st in the equine herbal products industry, and were proven professionally.  
  • Mono Element Triiodide of Nascent IodineOur unique Pureodine™ processed Deep Earth sourced Iodine supplement made with USP grade Kosher certified GMO-free Vegetable Glycerin – it's an industry 1st and unique to Cedar Bear®.
  • Highly Caged Zeolites MineralsMade using a variation of our Pureodine™ process, our glycerite of Zeolites minerals are concentrated, stable and possess a high cage index. Cedar Bear® Zeolites can be done as a stand-alone product or as an ingredient in any of our liquid herb formulas, specifically recommended for the cleansing/conditioning ones. Our unique glycerite of Zeolites is another industry 1st. 
  • Citritol™ Liquid Trace MineralsTrace minerals are essential to numerous biological processes, especially enzymatic one. Our liquid trace minerals are made using the Citritol™ process that micro fractionates raw liquid trace mineral particles into much smaller particles thus increasing their surface area aspect that results in our 2 ounce bottle getting the same biological results as a 1 quart bottle of the raw liquid trace minerals. We're talking cutting edge nano-pico colloidal chemistry and convenience here, and it's another industry 1st.
  • BTC™ VibrationalsOur unique BTC™ (Biologically Targeted Coherent) made vibrational formulas are unique in the world of vibrational products and bring numerous firsts to the vibrational products industry. A few of those firsts include: 1st to utilize glycerin in place of alcohol; 1st to develop a highly stable energy blank for receiving energy signatures that withstands heat, sunlight, impact, ambient energy incursions, etc.; 1st to charge energy blanks with numerous signatures resulting in highly complex vibrational formulas; 1st to make a vibrational mix of flower essence blends combined with poly-signature energy blends; and more firsts.

The Excellence of Cedar Bear® Behind Your Private Label Brand 

Cedar Bear® lets you deliver the benefits of our private label supplement lines directly to your customer with the convenience of your own brand label. With Cedar Bear®, you get products that are used on over 35 years of experience underscored by centuries of traditional use aspects as well. 

Our products and their making are overseen and administered by a professional clinical and formulary herbalist who is also the founder of Cedar Bear®. In fact, Cedar Bear® is now one of only a few herbal products companies founded by a bona-fide and highly educated & experienced professional clinical herbalist who is still actively involved with the company.

Our products were also the first to be Kosher Certified in the liquid herbal products industry. When you work with us, you can also apply for Kosher Certification directly through Scroll K for your products should you choose to do so.

Our alcohol-free glycerites of herbal formula blends and glycerite of mono element triiodide of nascent iodine  were also the first in the private label (i.e. 'White Label') marketplace, and as stated earlier, we were the first to develop product lines of alcohol-free formula blends for kids and pets in the marketplace and for our private label brand clients.

We also have a proven line of totally alcohol-free equine care liquid herbal formula blends developed specifically for horses, another industry 1st.  

Let Cedar Bear® Help Build Your Private Label Supplement Brand 

Cedar Bear®, as a company, has over 35 years of experience helping our PLCM clients launch their own private label brand. That makes us the most experienced in the industry, having done it longer than anyone else, by decades in fact!

All Cedar Bear® products are manufactured here in the United States, and are FDA cGMP inspected, Kosher certified, Vegan certified and Halal compliant, providing levels of comfort that you can pass onto your customers.

When launching your own private label supplement brand, our years of expertise in product manufacturing and dealing with regulatory policies takes your mind off of product development and manufacturing logistics and standards so that you can focus on marketing/sales for building your brand's customer base.  

Why Does Our Private Label Supplements Taste Great? 

All Cedar Bear® herbs, blends, and brands are known for their great flavor. Our TincTract® process uses glycerin rather than alcohol. The result is a liquid herbal supplement that retains the original flavor and integrity of the harvested herb.  and don't forget, we were also the 1st in the marketplace to introduce alcohol-free formula blend herbal supplements for children, pets and equine use. Our children's, pets and equine formula blends lines can also be private label branded, even differentiated, for your own brand identity and needs.  

Are You a Good Fit for Our Private Label Solutions? 

Our private label supplement solutions are a great fit for virtually any business in our industry. Whether you are an herb shop, wholesale distributor, health store chain, online retailer, a fitness center, or otherwise, Cedar Bear® can help you build your existing bottom line or launch a new brand.

Perhaps you are a fitness center that services customers who care about what they put into their body. You might own an organic food store and want to bring your clientele an herbal solution to help them focus on their overall health, or you are a larger health store chain wanting our products under your own retail brand (see our 'Your Label Here' program). Our blends, herbs, iodine, Zeolites, as finished consumer-ready products or ingredients added to other product brands, make a great fit for virtually any type of business. 

Build a Private Label Children's Supplement Brand With Cedar Bear®  

Cedar Bear® Children's herbal formula blends products are an excellent opportunity for your private label endeavor. Parents typically put the health needs of their kids before their own, and for good reason. We love our kids, and the nurturing of their health and well-being is the greatest expression of that love and caring. By your brand offering the best alcohol-free liquid herbal blends for kids you are showing parents how much you care for their kids as well. Whether seasonal needs or ongoing daily needs, Cedar Bear® has a formula blend for most needs of growing children, and they taste great, which is a paramount consideration for children's products. Your customers who have kids or take care of kids will love your brand's Cedar Bear® manufactured children's herbal formula supplements. Call us to learn more about how we can help you build your own private label brand for Children's products.

Build a Private Label Pet Supplement Brand With Cedar Bear®  

Pet products are one of the fastest growing product categories in the dietary supplements industry, especially the herbal products segment. Some of our popular products will help your customers' pets maintain their overall health needs, enhance the appearance of their coats, and more. Cedar Bear® liquid herbal pet supplements can be private labeled for virtually any pet needs. Your pets owning customers will love your brand's Cedar Bear® made pets herbal formulas supplements. Call us to learn more about how we can help you build your own private label brand for pets products. 

Build a Private Label Equine Supplement Brand With Cedar Bear®  

If you have access to or are considering making an entry into the equine products industry with your brand then Cedar Bear® is definitely your go-to source for alcohol-free made liquid herbal blends specifically formulated for a horse's unique needs. Herb use for horses is a highly specialized need. Some herbs cannot be used by horses and other herbs are highly beneficial to horses. Cedar Bear® knows and understands which herbs to not use and which to use for a horses needs, which is something horse owners, trainers and horse lovers will appreciate coming from your brand of Cedar Bear® made equine use liquid herbal formulas. Your customers who own or work with horses will love your brand's Cedar Bear® made equine herbal formulas supplements. Call us to learn more about how we can help you build your own private label brand for equine products.

Build a Private Label Supplement Brand With Cedar Bear® Pureodine™ Processed Mono Element Triiodide of Nascent Iodine 

Our Deep Earth sourced mono element Nascent Iodine is one of the most popular liquid supplement products on the market. Why not use Cedar Bear® Pureodine™ technology to deliver one of the purest and most stable mono element based nascent iodine supplements on the market? It's original and unique to Cedar Bear®.

We can work with you to develop your own label brand allowing you to focus on attracting customers. We were the first private label manufacturer of a liquid glycerite of mono element triiodide of iodine supplement to the market that was alcohol-free, tasted great, and ensured customer satisfaction as the bottom line

In fact, we were the first to introduce an alcohol-free glycerite of mono element triiodide of "nascent" iodine into the marketplace, and continue to hold the high spot and be the industry standard by which all other alcohol-free nascent iodines are compared.

Numerous competitors of traditional alcohol and/or gas based iodines in the nascent iodine community claimed it couldn't be done with glycerin, but like the TincTract® process for liquid herbs, we proved it could be done with glycerin and have been doing it since. Of course, it's our Pureodine® process for making our iodine supplement that makes it possible, which is original and unique to Cedar Bear® and another industry 1st.

Why not work with Cedar Bear® to bring your own liquid mono element triiodide of 'nascent' iodine supplement to the marketplace under your own private label brand? Call us now!  

How Do I Find Out About Private Label Solutions from Cedar Bear®? 

If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your private labeling needs, getting in touch with us is easy.

Give us a call at (888) 854-3727 or email us at:

We are available from 9 am to 5 pm MST. Our customer service team can answer any question that you might have about customizing and private labeling our totally alcohol-free products for your business.  

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