Custom Private Label Supplements

Service, reliability, and integrity are Cedar Bear™ trademarks when it comes to developing private label supplements for our brand clients. We offer unmatched experience, innovation, unmatched quality, and a trusted reputation. With our industry expertise and manufacturing experience, our private label clients can come to us with an idea and leave with a product that is consumer ready for their market.  

The Cedar Bear™ Private Label Manufacturing Process 

All private label supplement products created for our brand clients are unique to the industry. Our flagship technology, the TincTract® process, creates a finished herbal supplement that your customers will want to buy and come back for more. All Cedar Bear™ products that you will market under your own label are 100% alcohol free. We use USP Grade Kosher certified GMO-free Vegetable Glycerin in our single herbs, formula blends, pets', and iodine supplement lines. The result is products that taste great and contains no harmful chemicals or additives.  

One of the benefits of going with Cedar Bear™ is that we are very concerned with a manufacturing process that protects the environment. Our facility is an earth friendly operation that's extremely sensitive to sustainability. We are also aware of issues with threatened/endangered botanicals and want to deliver a private label product that is crafted with the environment in mind.  

View All of Our Supplements That Are Available for Your Own Private Label 

Cedar Bear™ manufacturers a wide array of products that are easily customized for your own private label. You can work with us to private label one of our existing lines or we can help you modify one of our formulas to fit your brand. Here are some of the product categories that can be private labeled as finished consumer-ready products: 

  • Herbal Singles: Individual herbs that your customers will love 
  • Herbal Formula Blends: Herbal blends that can help your customers maintain their overall health. 
  • Pets Now!™: Our unique blends created especially for pets. 
  • Kids Formulas: Herbal blends created just for kids. 
  • XodineOur unique Deep Earth sourced Iodine made with our USP grade Kosher certified GMO-free Vegetable Glycerin.  

The Excellence of Cedar Bear™ Behind Your Private Label Brand 

Cedar Bear™ lets you deliver the benefits of our private label supplement lines directly to your customer with the convenience of your own brand label. With Cedar Bear™, you get a product that is developed with over 35 years of experience. Our process is administered by a professional clinical and formulary herbalist. Our products were the first to be Kosher Certified in the liquid herbal products industry. When you work with us, you can also apply for Kosher Certification through Scroll K. Our alcohol-free formulas were also the first in the private label marketplace and we were also the first to develop a kid's line of alcohol-free formula blends in the marketplace and for our private label brand clients.  

Let Cedar Bear™ Help Build Your Private Label Supplement Brand 

Cedar Bear™ has over 35 years of experience helping our brand clients launch their own private label brand. All Cedar Bear™ products are manufactured here in the United States, a level of comfort that you can pass onto your customers. When launching your own private label supplement brand, our years of expertise in product manufacturing takes your mind off of product development and manufacturing logistics and standards so that you can focus on building your brand's customer base.  

Why Does Our Private Label Supplements Taste Great? 

All Cedar Bear™ herbs, blends, and brands are known for their great flavor. Our TincTract® process uses glycerin rather than alcohol. The result is a liquid herbal supplement that retains the original flavor and integrity of the harvested herb.  We were also the first in the marketplace to introduce alcohol-free supplements for children. Our children's formula blends line can also be private label branded for your customers.  

Are You a Good Fit for Our Private Label Solutions? 

Our private label supplement solutions are a great fit for virtually any business. Whether you are an herb shop, wholesale distributor, health store chain, online retailer, or a fitness center, Cedar Bear™ can help you build your bottom line or launch your brand. Perhaps you are a fitness center that services customers who care about what they put into their body. You might own a small organic food store and want to bring your clientele an herbal solution to help them focus on their overall health, or you are a larger health store chain wanting our products under your own retail brand. Our blends, herbs, and brands make a great fit for virtually any type of business. 

Build a Private Label Pet Supplement With Cedar Bear™  

Cedar Bear also manufactures pet supplements. Some of our popular products will help your customers' pets maintain their overall health, help with the functioning of their bodily systems, enhance the appearance of their coats, and more. Cedar Bear™ pet supplements can be private labeled for virtually any pet, with the exception of horses (specific for equine only products have been developed as well for private label). Your customers will love your pet supplements. Call us to learn more about how we can help you build your own private label brand. 

Build a Private Label Supplement Brand With Cedar Bear™ Xodine 

Our Deep Earth sourced Nascent Iodine is one of the most popular liquid supplement products on the market. Why not use Cedar Bear™ technology to deliver one of the purest and most stable nascent iodine supplements on the market? We can work with you to develop your own label brand allowing you to focus on attracting customers. We were the first private label supplement manufacturer to bring a liquid iodine supplement to the market that was alcohol-free, tasted great, and ensured customer satisfaction as the bottom line. In fact, we were the first to introduce an alcohol-free glycerite of nascent iodine into the marketplace. Why not work with Cedar Bear™ to bring your own liquid nascent iodine supplement to the marketplace under your own private label brand?  

How Do I Find Out About Private Label Solutions from Cedar Bear™? 

If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your private labeling needs, getting in touch is easy. Give us a call at (888) 854-3727. We are available from 9 am to 5 pm MST. Our customer service team can answer any question that you might have about customizing and private labeling our herbs, blends, and brands for your business.  

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