Botanical TincTract® Made Herbs

Cedar Bear® packs our TincTract® made supplements with botanical herbs, roots, berries, and spices. Each botanical ingredient has unique properties and chemical compounds that your body can utilize to improve your health. Try one of our herbal supplements today for improved health, vitality and well-being.

Botanical Herbal Extracts

Cedar Bear®'s botanical herbal concentrates are TincTract®s made with healthful herbs. They are used as supplements to  support the natural functions and structural needs of your body. Cedar Bear® TincTract® made products are made in the United States, and are of the highest quality because they go through many steps beyond typical extracts by utilizing our proprietary 11th generation TincTract® process. More than a TINCture and more than an exTRACT. It's a TincTract®.  Order the best botanical herbal concentrates from Cedar Bear®.

What Are Herbal TincTract®s Used For?

Typical herbal extracts are most commonly known as flavoring agents. Think of vanilla or peppermint extract, they enhance the flavor of your favorite dessert for instance. Cedar Bear® TincTract® made products can also enhance the flavor of your food, but they go way beyond that. We use  herbs and other botanicals that, when concentrated in one of our concentrate products, provide wonderful benefits. We have numerous formula blends that you can use to support your immune system, boost your brain, hone concentration, relief stress, or promote restful sleep. Use Cedar Bear® TincTract® made products to support your health.

Liquid Herbal TincTract® Benefits

Choosing a dietary supplement, especially an herbal supplement, can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Cedar Bear® always recommends starting with liquid supplements.

Herbal TincTract® made products are better than supplement tablets or capsules, because liquid can be quickly digested for fast results. Many supplement pills contain high doses of vitamins or minerals because it is difficult for the body to utilize nutrients delivered in a 'dry' ingredient-based pill form. Because liquids digest quickly, you do not lose or waste any nutrients, and more natural lower doses are often sufficient. 

The benefits of TincTract® made herbal concentrates are plentiful, and vary depending on the formula blend you choose. Many of the herbs we use in our liquid herbal supplements have been used for thousands of years in traditional herbal practice, and have yielded wonderful results when used on a daily supplementary basis. You will find the formula blend you need in our online shop. We have chamomile blends for sleep, Kava for stress relief, Maca root for energy, and many more. To explore the full benefits of each TincTract®, browse our selection here:

The Best Herbal Extracts Available

Cedar Bear® makes the best herbal concentrates available. Many other herbal tinctures contain minimal nutrients. Cedar Bear®’s TincTract® made concentrated products contain many macro and micro nutrients to supplement the diet. We focus on removing the broadest spectrum possible of available constituents from a plant, instead of isolating specific constituents that have little secondary or tertiary benefits on their own, or just taking the flavor from the plant. With Cedar Bear® TincTract® made products, you are receiving a components and synergy dense liquid herbal concentrate supplement that is a worthy addition to your daily needs.

How do we make our herbal extracts?

Cedar Bear® uses its own special and unique TincTract® process, that creates a more powerful and concentrated product, that also taste good. We begin with raw herbs, and mix them into our unique totally alcohol-free glycerin-based fluid matrix. Then we process the herbs that removes and preserves the synergy of the components as a existed in the whole fresh unprocessed herb. The result is a liquid herb concentrate that has been thoroughly infused with a broad spectrum of constituents from the herbs.

Suppliers of TincTract® Liquid Herbs

Located in Utah, U.S.A., Cedar Bear® is a premium dietary liquid herbal supplement manufacturer and supplier. We create and make highly concentrated and nutritious TincTract® made liquid herbs ship them across the United States and under special provisions internationally. Our facility is FDA registered, facility, operations and products are FDA cGMP inspected, Kosher certified and Halal compliant. We use independent third party testing for quality control and safety assurance, to make sure we are producing the best alcohol-free liquid herbs on the market. If you are looking for quality totally alcohol-free liquid herbal concentrates that meet high industry standards, order from Cedar Bear®.

Herbal TincTract®s Wholesale

Cedar Bear offers our liquid supplements wholesale for those looking to sell natural health products. We offer variety bundles to get you started, or you can order your own selection of formula blends. Additionally, wholesale orders are eligible for deeper discounts based on volume purchases. To purchase our products wholesale, contact us here:

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