Black Walnut Hull

Black walnut is a tree native to eastern North America. They grow naturally from Ontario, Canada, down to Georgia and northern Florida. In the fall, the walnuts ripen and begin to all off of the tree. Walnuts are encased in a thick green husk, that must be peeled away to reveal the delicious nut inside. Walnuts have a lovely, rich, flavor that has been utilized by many recipes for baked goods. About 65% of the black walnuts grown in the United States come from Missouri.

Aside from wonderful flavor, black walnut lends itself well to herbal use.  Black walnuts have been used since ancient times, where the trees were considered very valuable. Native Americans were the first to discover the cleansing herbal power of black walnut and used the nuts to help the body naturally support its immune and digestive function.

How Is Black Walnut Hull Traditionally Used?

Many people choose to make their own black walnut tincture. This requires processing of the nuts or hull. Some people choose to make their tincture with glycerine while others use alcohol. Preparing the hull requires cutting and supplies. Cedar Bear™ provides a black walnut hull tincture that uses glycerine. It is very easy to use and does not require extensive preparation time or effort.

As a food source, black walnut is often found in ice creams, confections, and pies. It is also used extensively in food dishes throughout the United States.

Black Walnut Hull Benefits

Black walnut hull, as a herbal single from Cedar Bear™, has many uses in people’s daily herbal regimen. Here are some of the benefits of black walnut hull:

  • It can support the natural function of the immune system.
  • Supports natural detoxification within the body.
  • Aids in the overall functioning of the thyroid system.
  • Helps clean the intestinal tract and supports the functioning of the digestive system.

Why should you use Cedar Bear’s black walnut hull as part of your daily herbal regimen? Our supplement tastes great, is 100% alcohol-free, and is easy to use. Many of our customers love the ease and convenience that comes with using our product. You never have to worry about preparing the tincture. Additionally, we were the first to bring this great tasting alcohol-free version to the marketplace.

Private Labeling and Wholesale Opportunities

We also help many business owners with their private labeling and wholesale needs. Black walnut hull is one of our specialty single herbs. All of our products are manufactured right here in the United States using our proprietary TincTract® process. Ask about our private labeling and contract filling solutions. We can even help you sell black walnut hull as a supplement directly with our wholesale program.

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