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Cedar Bear has been creating herbal supplements for over 35 years. We have connections to over 300 plants that are available to purchase from us as raw ingredients for your business. With us, you are not limited to the plain jane herbs you’ll see over and over at other sellers. Our team specializes in herbal supplements that address a wide variety of problems, and because of this we have more plants to offer than most companies. We offer berries, fruits, flowers, barks, and roots that cannot be found at other websites that only stock typical herbs. You’re sure to find the ingredients you need from Cedar Bear. Contact us today to speak with us about the best ingredients for you.

Bulk Herbs Wholesale

We can provide you with prepackaged or bulk herbs, ready to be received by your clients. Our herbs will bring a new aspect to your business, and leave customers wowed by your selection and quality. Boost your business by offering your own selection of nutritious herbs.

Bulk Herbal Supplements for Wholesale

Many people are still unaware of the incredible value of herbs, and only think of them as aromatics or flavors for cooking dinner. If your goal in selling herbs is to teach people about the vitality granted by herbs, or to guide them into a new, natural, and healthy way of life, then consider introducing people to easy to use herbal supplements. By selling supplements instead of single herbs, you can avoid overwhelming clients with too much information or hard to follow recipes. Your clients will thank you for making things easy for them, and will still benefit from your knowledge of healthy ingredients.

To give your clients the best herbal supplements available, you can sell our Cedar Bear herbal tinctures, or you can create your own inspirational supplements using our state of the art, FDA registered facility. Liquid supplements offer quick and easy access to nutritious herbs, and are pre-formulated for balanced health. Simplify your clients’ journeys to a healthy lifestyle by incorporating liquid herbal supplements into your line of products.

Bulk Herbs and Spices

We have a source every herb or spice you could be looking for. We can get you herbs that are hard to find in a pure form, like ginseng, gotu kola, or maca root. Ditch the powders that have been left on the shelf of an overseas storage facility and shipped across the sea. Call us today to get fresh, whole, herbs that will improve your formulas.

Dried Herbs and Flowers

Our botanicals can be used for more than healing or supplements. We have beautiful, fragrant, flowers, and rich herbs that can serve multiple purposes that have unlimited potential to bring value to your products. You can use them to create natural scents and fragrances, or incorporate them into beauty products like soaps and lotions. The options are endless and only limited by your creativity. Design a new and exciting product your clients will love with botanicals from Cedar Bear. Your design will spark interest in your product, and the quality of our raw ingredients will keep them coming back to it.

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