Best Kids Supplements

Children need a complete diet in order to fuel their brains and bodies. Ideally, kids should be eating a complete diet of grains, dairy and vegetables. However, picky eaters and busy schedules can sometimes prevent kids from getting all the recommended daily nutrients from food alone. Kids with chronic medical conditions may have dietary restrictions that prohibit them from receiving their daily nutrients from food. Pediatricians recommend a daily vitamin supplement for children who aren't regularly receiving balanced meals made from whole foods. Also, children who frequently eat fast foods or processed foods should consider taking a multivitamin.

For the last 30 years, Cedar Bear™ has created unique herbal blends that support the body in a variety of ways. Years ago, we found that most other manufacturers use alcohol instead of glycerin to extract herbal concentrates. Alcohol is harsh on the plants, and it strips them of their layers of essential compounds. As a result, herbal concentrates extracted with alcohol lose potency and their fresh natural taste. Glycerin does not denature the compound, meaning they allow the plant to retain its efficacy. Cedar Bear™ liquid herbal concentrates taste great, and kids who resist the clinical taste of medicine will love these fresh-tasting replacement.

How Herbal Supplements Are Better for Kids

Consumers around the world are switching to liquid herbal supplements because of their all-natural ingredients and easy application. Over-the-counter multivitamins, along with many common name-brand products, contain ingredients may cause long-term health problems. By sticking to the herbal basics, Cedar Bear™ customers can receive their daily vitamins through all-natural ingredients. Many of our blends contain herbal concentrates that have been used in holistic medicine for centuries. For instance, ashwagandha root increases the body's natural ability to resist stress and fatigue.

Getting kids to eat healthily can be difficult, and many parents use supplements to help them receive all the vitamins they need. These days, many parents give their kids sweetened gummy vitamins because the other options are bitter and synthetic tasting. Cedar Bear™ makes herbal blends from fresh, natural ingredients, and our glycerin-based extraction process results in a final product that tastes better than anything else on the market.

Another common problem parents face when trying to supply their children with vitamins is that many kids dislike swallowing a large pill. Although most essential vitamins are included in a multivitamin, the pill is often too large for a small child. In addition to being large, most multivitamins don't contain calcium. Children who don't receive enough calcium from their diet should take a calcium supplement in addition to their daily multivitamin. Unfortunately, calcium pills are also large and can be painful to swallow. Instead of supplying children with large, uncomfortable pills, try a great-tasting Cedar Bear™ liquid herbal supplement.

Balance the Digestive System with Intestinal Cleanse for Kids

One of the most popular Cedar Bear™ liquid herbal supplements is Intestinal Cleanse for Kids because of its ability to moderate the digestive system. The digestive system helps sustain high energy levels, maintain a strong immune system, and it is responsible for extracting all the essential nutrients from food. With ingredients such as black walnut hull, orange peel, lavender flower, and clove bud, this tasty herbal extract is a great comprehensive supplement for kids.

Supply Your Child with Essential Vitamins with Daily Herbals for Kids

Instead of giving your kids a large multivitamin pill, consider opting for a daily herbal concentrate. By using 1 to 3 drops per day, and combining this supplement with a balanced diet, your kids will receive the recommended daily dose of vitamins. Consult your healthcare provider for any questions about specific medical conditions, and ask if liquid herbal supplements are right for you and your child.

Order Great Tasting Liquid Supplements Today

Instead of taking your chances with the chemical additives in many name-brand kids supplements, try Cedar Bear's™ supplements made from all-natural ingredients. Many of our blends contain adaptogens, or naturally occuring substances that help the body adapt to stress and fatigue. Adaptogens have been used for centuries to balance the endocrine system and help people maintain peak levels of performance. Ingredients that contain adaptogens are found in many of our unique blends. Check out our website for more information on our premium blends, or call (435) 823-8505.

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