Best Iodine Supplement

Iodine helps support the function of the thyroid gland. The human body does not produce iodine on its own. It is not very common in foods, but it can be found naturally in seaweed and saltwater fish. Cedar Bear™ is proud to manufacture Xodine™, the best iodine on the market today. What makes Xodine™ the best iodine supplement?

  • Xodine™ tastes great.
  • It is manufactured in the USA.
  • Xodine™ does not use alcohol or preservatives.
  • You do not need to refrigerate your Xodine™.

What Makes Xodine™ the Best Iodine Supplement On the Marketplace?

Xodine™ is the best iodine supplement because it helps support your thyroid gland. Xodine™ is a highly stable mono-element, nano-colloidal iodine that is not bound by mineral salts, like calcium or potassium. Our supplement is exclusively produced with the Pureodine™ process, which was developed by the Cedar Bear™ Research and Development team. Xodine™ contains USP Grade Kosher Certified vegetable glycerine, purified water, and deep-earth sourced iodine.

The brand integrity of Cedar Bear’s Xodine™ is something that you can also trust. Customers are raving about our service, integrity, and reliability. We will make sure that you get the best product on the marketplace. Cedar Bear™ was the first to bring a great-tasting iodine supplement to the market place and has been carrying this product for decades. Cedar Bear™ is known for its service, integrity, and reliability and being the first on the marketplace for a great tasting iodine supplement.

How Is Iodine Used in the Body?

Since iodine is not found naturally in the body, Xodine™ can support your body’s thyroid gland, metabolism and immune system. It can also support breast and prostrate health, as well as the endocrine system.

What Are Customers Saying About Xodine™?

Many Cedar Bear™ customers think that Xodine™ is the best iodine supplement on the market. Customers also love the fact that Xodine™ is 100% alcohol-free. People also love the great customer service offered by Cedar Bear™ when they have purchased Xodine™.

Xodine™ is also very easy to use. The product can be taken directly with the eyedropper included in the packaging and it does not require refrigeration. Many customers purchase Xodine™ directly from Cedar Bear™ because it does not use alcohol.

Where Can You Get Xodine™?

You can get Cedar Bear™ Xodine through our website or from our Amazon store. If you are interested in carrying our Xodine™ under your own brand label, inquire about our private label opportunities. Additionally, you can also carry Xodine™ through our wholesale program. You can easily sell Xodine™ by inquiring on our wholesale page.

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