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Iodine is an essential trace element used by the body in the thyroid gland and tissues of the body to support hormone production. It is incredibly important for the overall health of your body, no matter who you are. Iodine can be found in foods, but for many, this is not enough to provide them with the full amount of iodine that they need. An iodine supplement is a great way to give your body the iodine it needs, but if it is not the correct form of iodine results can be varied, even questionable.

Cedar Bear™ is proud to produce a high-quality totally alcohol-free Nascent liquid iodine supplement called Xodine. Cedar Bear™ puts passion and attention to detail into every product that they manufacture, and their iodine supplement is no exception. Here’s a look at why iodine is so important and how Xodine stacks up against the competition.

Are People Getting Enough Iodine?

According to the American Thyroid Association, approximately 40 percent of the world is at risk for clinical-based iodine deficiency to this day. This is an unfortunate statistic considering the impact that iodine deficiency can have on the body. The other 60 percent of the world is at risk for sub-clinical deficiency of iodine, a ubiquitous and insidious form of low thyroid (hypothyroidism).

Iodine supplementation and increasing public awareness have had considerable impact on the iodine epidemic, but many people still don’t get what they need.

Iodine is found naturally in many foods, especially in those from the ocean, like seaweed and fish. It is also found in dairy products and crops grown in iodine rich soil. For those that cannot access those foods, like those in many of the mountainous regions of the world that do not have much or any iodine in the soil, or in locales and areas where soils have been rendered deficient from conventional agriculture practices, iodine needs to be found in other places.

Today, it is common to find iodine in table salt, especially in the United States. Iodine, as potassium iodide, has been added to table salt to help give people around the world more iodine. It is estimated that around 70 percent of households around the globe have access to iodized salt to supplement their diets.

However, iodized salt has two problems. 1st, it is the reduced mineral salt of potassium iodide form that is used, and potassium iodide has very limited 'iodine uptake' potential into the thyroid and body. 2nd, The longer the iodized salt remains on a store shelf or home shelf the less iodide the salt will contain because in a non-hermetically sealed container iodine slowly liberates from the salt.

Dangers of Iodine Deficiency

Iodine deficiency causes the thyroid to work harder to produce the hormones that the body needs to function, and may render the thyroid incapable of producing those hormones. Hormones send messages to the different parts of the body to do their jobs. Hormones are often associated with reproduction, but they also do things like keep the heart beating, lungs breathing, pancreatic/blood sugar, and hair growing. When these hormones cannot be produced effectively, it can cause goiter, hypothyroidism, weight problems, brittle nails and dry skin.

Iodine is also essential in pregnancy, as it is crucial for the proper development of the fetus, particularly its nervous system and brain development. A mother should make sure that she is consuming enough iodine, in the correct form, both through foods and supplements to support herself and her unborn child. Infants continue to get iodine through breast milk even to the point of completely depleting a lactating mother's own tissue levels of iodine, so it is important for a lactating mother to maintain a level of iodine to support a child growing needs and her own health.

Cedar Bear vs Other Supplements

Iodine supplements are widely found, and come in many different forms and chemical compositions.

Cedar Bear Xodine is a type of iodine supplement known as a nascent form of iodine. A nascent iodine supplement is one that is mono-element based and has a large amount of captured energy associated with it.

Nascent iodine supplements are easily digested by the body, and less is required to be effective. Since nascent iodine is in liquid form it is absorbed by the body almost immediately upon contact with soft tissue.

Xodine is made of pure iodine that has not been bound to other elements as in other supplements. For example, Lugol’s iodine is iodine that has been bound to potassium, and Iosol iodine is bound to sodium. These mineral bound iodines are called 'reduced mineral salt iodides.' Xodine is not a reduced mineral salt iodide, but is a unique alcohol-free glycerine of pure mono-element triiodide of iodine, possessing incredible stability, captured energy and compatibility with thyroid and body tissues uptake.

Cedar Bear nascent iodine is made using our proprietary Pureodine™ glycerin-based process that results in an iodine supplement that has a higher absorption rate and a much better taste, and possesses remarkable stability and low to no cytotoxicity.

With Xodine, all it takes is six drops per day in a glass of purified water to give your body the iodine boost that it needs to stay healthy. Solid supplements like tablets and capsules can take much longer to enter your system, and they might not get fully absorbed like a liquid form. Cedar Bear Xodine is highly concentrated and fast acting.

About Cedar Bear

Cedar Bear is a privately owned, legacy-based American business that is dedicated to providing the best that nature has to offer in the form of high quality, totally alcohol-free liquid herbal and nascent iodine supplements. We use the best available technology that we have exclusively developed to create herbal supplements and supplement blends and alcohol-free nascent iodine. Over 35 years ago, our founder L. Carl Robinson set out to develop a method to manufacture liquid herbal supplements without alcohol, as is found in other liquid herbs. The TincTract™ process, now in its 11th generation, is the result of that work.

Today, Cedar Bear has grown to actively processing hundreds of natural herbs found from all over the world to make liquid supplements, supplement blends, and our Xodine supplement. No matter what type of support you are looking for, you can find it in the products from Cedar Bear. Everything we make is FDA cGMP inspected, Kosher certified, free of alcohol (none ever used), gluten, soy, corn, and dairy, and is also Halal standard compliant because NO alcohol is ever used at any time in the making of our products.

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