Benefits of Herbal Supplements

For thousands of years, people have used natural herbs for their health-promoting properties . After centuries of experimentation with different herbs and plants, we, as humans, now know the various benefits of several different herbs and plants for your health. Herbal supplements are a very effective option for providing support for the body to repair, build and adapt.

Cedar Bear is proud to provide you with high quality FDA cGMP inspected Kosher certified liquid herbal supplements. Our herbs are potent, delicious, and effective. Here’s a look at what some of our herbs can be used for, as well as a look into herbal remedies and the many benefits that they can have.

The Natural Power of Herbs

Herbs can be used for many different things for your body. They can help add naturally occurring vitamins and micronutrients to your body’s diet, give you an added day-to-day boost to health and energy, and provide you with essential minerals that are often deficient in the diet. Herbs can also give your body a boost in the areas that it is lacking. For example, if you struggle with tiredness, herbs, like astragalus root, green tea, and eleuthero root can potentially help you with extra energy throughout the day.

Herbs are all natural, and don’t contain harsh chemicals like those in some pharmaceuticals and isolate supplement tablets found over the counter. Herbs are also much gentler on the body because of this. Herbs are gentle alternatives that can help you feel better and get your health back on track.

Cedar Bear Herbal Supplements

Cedar Bear produces high quality herbs to give you the best of each herb that we process. We use a unique herbal processing method, called TincTract®. It is now an 11th generation process. This multi step method produces more than a tincture, and more than an extract. This process uses glycerin, not alcohol like many others, to extract each part of the herb, not just one component or one group of components, but all the naturally occurring components in an herb. We call it a 'whole poly-constituent' approach. It keeps the natural ratio of elements and compounds within the herb intact, also called 'synergy,' so you can reap the full benefits of herbs from our quality liquid herbal supplements.

We process hundreds of herbs using our TincTract® method to create liquid herbal supplements and supplement blends. Here’s a look at a few of Cedar Bear’s best sellers and what they can do for you:

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane mushroom is a great general herbal supplement to help balance and strengthen your overall health. It helps with your immune strength, nervous system function, digestive health, and the various tissues inside and outside of the body. It also is a great herb because it helps support the production of 'Nerve Growth Factor' in the body, a protein that is essential for nerve function, and thus the communication between your brain and your cells. It works because it helps to cool the body and support the overall health of the cells, and help to balance your body systems while aiding in the natural detoxification processes your body needs to clarify itself.

Stamina and Energy Blend

This blend of Ashwagandha root, Goji berry, Bupleurum room, Gotu Kola herb, and Tongkat Ali root helps to rejuvenate the body and reduce fatigue. These herbs are well known and have been used for thousands of years to give people an energy boost and a youthful vitality. You can use this blend as needed to regain and strengthen your health and energy by giving your immune and nervous system a boost.

California Poppy Flower

Poppies have long been known and used for their relaxing and sedating qualities. In fact, the first commercial relaxing and sedating products were made of an extract from a type of Asian poppy. California poppy flower is the state flower of California, but it’s use goes far beyond its beautiful deep orange color. Native populations used this flower as a nutritional plant, and for tooth needs. Today, we know that it benefits the body in many different ways. It can help to balance emotions, calm and reduce the sensitivity of nerves, and is great for fighting stress. It can also be used for a good night’s sleep and for general relaxation. It can also potentially help with physical and mental tiredness, and it does so with none of the addictive properties found in other types of poppies. Finally, it is also a great way to provide support to the liver and urinary system.

Get Started

Don’t wonder whether or not herbs can make a positive impact in your health and life, go ahead and order today. We have these products, as well as a vast variety of high quality herbs and herbal blends for you to try. We believe in the power of herbs, and want to share that power with you. You should also talk to your doctor about how herbs and herbal products can benefit you. If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to contact us today.

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