Asian Ginseng

Ginseng is a hardy plant native to the cooler regions of Asia, including Korea and Northeast China. Ginseng grows as a short brush, with large, dark green, foliage.  In the fall, red berries ripen at the top of each stem. Ginseng supplements are collected from the root of the plants. The roots have a sweet, warm, taste.

The Latin name for Asian Ginseng is Panax Ginseng. Panax comes from the Greek root Pan, which means “all and Akos, which means “all.” Therefore, Ginseng was named “cure-all,” because Ginseng supported the body in so many ways. Ginseng has been used throughout history to support the functions of the vital organs, boost energy and immunity, and as a tonic.

Additionally,  Asian Ginseng has also been called an aphrodisiac and is used to support healthy libido in the body. The tradition of using Ginseng to treat support healthy libido in males began approximately 3500 BCE with legendary emperor Shen-Nung. Ginseng can also support the body’s cardiovascular system and overall cognitive function and respiratory system.

Traditional Uses of Asian Ginseng and Its Benefits

Asian ginseng is one of the top rejuvenating herbs sold by Cedar Bear™. It helps the body support healthy energy levels. It’s a great liquid herbal supplement for building vitality. It supports the immune system and virtually all the systems within the body. In traditional Chinese herbal practice, it was used to support the circulatory system.

If you used dried ginseng, there are several different ways you can take it. You can make a tea or you can use it in your cooking. This liquid herbal supplement from Cedar Bear™ is easy to use. Our liquid herbal supplement comes in a great tasting, alcohol-free form. You can take it with you anywhere you like or mix it with your favorite beverage. It is also 100% alcohol-free, made with our proprietary TincTract® process.

Ask About Our Private Labeling and Wholesale Opportunities

Asian ginseng is available from Cedar Bear™ through our wholesale and private label programs. We can work with your business to put your label on our product. We can also work with you to sell our products on your website or in your store. For more information, get in touch with us. All of our products are manufactured right here in the United States. We are based out of Utah.

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