Are All Private Label Liquid Supplements Made Equal?

Private label branding is a growing trend. The global herbal supplement market was accounted for $49 billion in 2016, and it's projected to reach $86.7 billion by 2022. Businesses that offer private label products have the opportunity to expand their brand and increase customer loyalty. Private label products are typically manufactured by either the same company that sells them or another small manufacturer. Think Costco's Kirkland brand or Walmart's Great Value product line. Private label products are designed and sold by one specific retailer, and they are usually stocked with other brands.

Advantages to offering private label products include exclusivity, profitability, and increased control. However, the key to a successful private label resides in the quality. Not all private label liquid supplements are made equal. High-quality, premium products will keep customers coming back, and even one successful private label product will put your brand on the map. Businesses with private label partners have more control over their products because they essentially have a monopoly over certain items. Retailers have quicker updates and access to customer response data. Since private label retailers have exclusive access to their product and complete control over distribution, they can easily modify products to meet their customer needs.

Cedar Bear™ has helped hundreds of businesses attract new customers with their private label branding. For 30 years, the team at Cedar Bear™ has used glycerin to extract herbal concentrates. Unlike alcohol, glycerin retains the herb's fresh taste and effective potency. Many of our various herbal blends contain adaptogens, which are natural substances that help normalize natural body processes. Adaptogens support the body's natural ability to fight fatigue and stress. When stress is limited, other body processes, such as digestion and immunity, function normally. Many of the ingredients in our natural products have been used for centuries in traditional, homeopathic medicine.

How Cedar Bear™ Can Grow Your Business

One major advantage for private label retailers is that they do not compete with national brands. Customers who want exclusive access to your store's liquid herbal supplements will continuously return to your store. As a result, private label retailers increase customer loyalty and attract new customers with their premier products. When a business offers Cedar Bear™ liquid supplements, they can focus their energy and resources on the marketing and distribution of the product and leave the production and manufacturing to Cedar Bear™.

When a businesses orders name-brand items, a large percentage of the total cost goes towards to the name-brand. When a businesses partners with a high-quality, low-cost manufacturer such as Cedar Bear™, they have more control over the price margins. Spas, massage parlors, coffee shops or gyms that offer private label liquid supplements have complete control over prices and marketing strategies, and they can change prices or marketing displays to match the customer response.

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For more information on our various herbal products, visit us online. If you have an idea for a private label brand, contact us today. We are flexible in our manufacturing, and we can alter an existing product or customize a unique blend that uses your favorite ingredients. Our exceptional customer service team will make the private label process easy and stress-free.

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