Natural Herbs

Herbs have been used for centuries to provide balance and support for the body. We process hundreds of herbs into liquid supplements using glycerin. We have developed a unique processing method that we call TincTract. It allows us to process herbs with a result that is tasty and has the natural ratio of elements from within the natural herb.

Each herb has different properties, and can provide different benefits to different body systems. Some are great for general health, while others are full of vitamins known to provide support to the immune system, or get the digestive system moving, among other things. Herbal supplements are available to give you the option to add specific herbs into your diet. Our Vice President and Chairman, Jhoane Robinson is a proud advocate for the power of herbs, and her staff picks include Ashwagandha Root. Similarly, the other staff members have chosen Green Coffee Bean and Licorice Root supplements. We believe in the power of herbs, and we think that you will be pleased with what you find. Check out our large collection of natural herbs, and order your own today to discover the difference they can make.

Cedar Bear has a long list of herbal TincTracts to use by themselves, or to make your own blends and formulas for herbalists and apothecaries.

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