Start Your Day With Herbs

We often get asked, “I really want to improve my health, but I’m new to using herbs. Where do I start?”

Great question! Unless you have a specific health need that calls for what we refer to as Direct Aid herbs, the best place to start is with daily use herbs to help keep your health balanced and in tip top condition.

“Use herbs every day?” we get asked. That’s right. Certain herbs are great for daily use. You see, herbs can be one of your best health supports when you use those that specifically help to build your health.

Health building herbs have what we call ‘phytonutrients.’ Phyto is the Greek word for plant. Phytonutrients, also called phytochemicals, are beneficial nutrients found in plants that are good for our health and help our bodies to function properly.

Plants produce phytochemicals to stay healthy themselves, and when we ingest them, these phytonutrients help us stay healthy, as well. Also, along with your daily use of healthful herbs, do make sure you are eating plenty of fresh veggies, especially colorful ones, to get more of those wonderful phytonutrients that your body is craving.

Some of the herbs that are full of phytonutrients you can use on a daily basis to build your health (alone or mix-and-match together) are stinging nettle leaf, alfalfa leaf, elderberry, dandelion leaf, green tea leaf, parsley leaf, rosehips and peppermint leaf.

Cedar Bear has several herbal blends specifically formulated to help build and support your health on a daily basis. You’ll love the way they taste, and even more, love the way you feel when you use them on a regular basis. Remember, all Cedar Bear herbal products are totally alcohol-free, and have only the herb, water, and glycerin in them. Nothing else.

Daily Herbals: If you only take one herbal formula, reach for Daily Herbals. The seventeen phytonutrient-packed herbs in Daily Herbals, a valuable source of naturally occurring and easily assimilated vital minerals, help build and maintain general immune function, a strong, healthy body, and optimal health. *

Herbal Minerals: Originally formulated to help pregnant women maintain their mineral levels throughout pregnancy, Herbal Minerals is a great daily herbal supplement for all ages and stages of life. The herbs in this formula help build and maintain general health, healthy tissues (including bones, hair and nails), and immune function. * 

Daily Antioxidants: Antioxidants protect cells from free radicals and environmental pollutants. The twelve phytonutrient-packed herbs in this formula have a wide variety of antioxidants from whole berries and herbs that include ascorbates, flavonoids, free radical scavengers and immune building agents, making Daily Antioxidants an excellent herbal formula for building overall health. Oh, by the way, Daily Antioxidants tastes so good that you’ll want to use it on your pancakes! * 

Be Well!   By Jhoane Robinson

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