Single Herbal Supplement Spotlight: Goji Berry

Single Herbal Supplement Spotlight: Goji Berry

What’s not to like about Goji berries? Their bright red-orange color is highly attractive. They’re prolific growers (not only in their native China, but in other places around the world, including North America). They’re tasty (recalling cranberries when dried and tomatoes when juiced) and they pack a nutritional punch. The abundance of nutrients is what puts goji berries high on the list of herbal supplements. You’ll find this little dynamo among the 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements offered in our online store, as a single-herb extract.

Historical Facts about Goji Berries

Goji berries have been cultivated in China, Tibet, Nepal, and the mountains of India for two millennia. They figure prominently among herbs long used in Traditional Chinese Herbalist. The first known written reference to the powers of goji berries dates to 250 B.C., when they appeared in an herbal book written by Chinese Emperor Shen Nong, famed for his knowledge of plants and agriculture. Herbalist of old often used the berries as they believed the fruit would ensure a long, healthy life.

According to one legend, Chinese herbalist Li Ching Yeng, born in the 17th century, lived into the 20th century because of his daily ingestion of goji berries. Two thousand years before his death, an herbalist, discovering a village filled with centenarians, attributed their long-life spans to the abundance of goji trees located near the village’s main source of drinking water.

Nutrient Overview of Goji Berries

Goji berries offer many benefits and even contains a higher percentage of beta-carotene, responsible for the bright color, than that found in carrots. The berries are known to contain vitamin A, vitamins B, and C. They are also known to have vital minerals as potassium, iron, calcium, and selenium. They have a surprisingly high protein content for fruit. Goji berries contain all eight essential amino acids, the building blocks for protein.

Health Benefits of Goji Berries

The raw berries can be tricky to find. They’re easier to purchase in dried form, for use as a snack, cereal topping or ingredient in muffins and salads. For convenience, consider a goji berry supplement like our delicious, alcohol-free tincture. The list of health benefits is long and diverse, with growing validation from modern research. For example, goji berries can: 

  • help the retina, especially the macula
  • support blood sugar levels;
  • support healthy blood pressure;
  • strengthens serum cholesterol;
  • protect the brain against the depredations of age;
  • support calm energy levels and an overall feeling of mental well-being;
  • enhance male libido; and
  • facilitate optimal immune system function, by promoting lymphocyte production.