Message from the Founders

Carl and I just returned from attending the American Herbalist Guild's 26th Annual Symposium. The AHG is an organization of affiliated members for professional herbalists, lay herbalists and students of natural, integrative, and herbal healthcare. We presented the Cedar Bear products at the Symposium's trade fair, primarily held for member herbalists to share their product lines with other herbalists.

It was great fun and very satisfying to have professional herbalists, lay herbalists, naturopathic physicians and practitioners, natural health students, etc, go nuts over Cedar Bear's amazing herbal products. Over and over again, we got the response that they have NEVER tasted such strong, full flavored, and great tasting liquid herbs, especially without alcohol. There was great astonishment by everyone that tasted our products that our totally alcohol-free herbs taste like the fresh herb does. After all these many years since Carl first introduced TincTract® processed liquid herbal glycerites to the world, (close to 30 years now), no one has created herbs like ours! (TincTract® is Cedar Bear's exclusive name for the unique multi-step process that is more than a TINCture, and more than an exTRACT. It has the best qualities of all the traditional herbal processing methods in a totally alcohol-free herbal liquid that has all the ratio-intact constituents and qualities that Nature provided.)

The star of the show was Schisandra Berry. Schisandra Berry (Schizandra chinensis)is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM), as wu wei zi, literally meaning 'five flavor berry', as it has all five flavors, salty, sweet, sour, pungent (spicy) and bitter, and is one of the 50 fundamental herbs of TCM. Every one of the TCM herbalists that tasted Cedar Bear's Schisandra Berry had NEVER experienced a totally alcohol-free processed schisandra product that has all five flavors, and these herbalists were over-the-top excited when they could taste the five flavors 'dancing' on the tongue. This versatile adaptogen herb supports the endocrine, immune, central nervous, sympathetic, respiratory, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal systems. Schisandra Berry is an antioxidant powerhouse, helping protect from free radical oxidation in the body and build health, and helps calm nerves and stress. Hmmm… Schisandra appears to support all aspects of health!

Schisandra Berry is one of Carl's favorite health protecting and supporting herbs. He has been using Schisandra from the very first Cedar Bear formulas. It blends well and helps pull health building formulas together so the herbs 'dance together' nicely in a liquid TincTract® formula.

Jhoane Robinson

-Co-Founder President Cedar Bear Naturales