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A Pets Now! ™ product is more than a Tincture and more than an Extract – It’s a TincTract®!
What is a TincTract®?
A TincTract® is an herbal concentrate made from whole herbs. The TincTract® process (TINCture exTRACTion) is a multi-step process that uses modern scientiϐically-based manufacturing technologies to produce an extremely potent product that tastes good and works amazingly well. President and Founder of Cedar Bear Naturales™, LoR. Caarl Robinson, a clinical & formulary herbalist and nutritional therapist, developed the genuine TincTract® process over 25 years ago. Many of his TincTract® produced formulas for pets have been in use continuously for over 10 years, making Pets Now!™ products you can trust.

 What makes Pets Now!™ Liquid Herbal Concentrates so different from anything else?

Totally Natural!
• Tastes Sweet!
• Concentrated & Potent.
• Convenient & Easy To Use.
• Begins Working Immediately.
• Only Real Herbs Used.
• NO Preservatives Or Additives.
• NO Artiϐicial Ingredients Of Any Kind.
• NO Alcohol Is Ever Used.
• NO Refrigeration Needed.
• Kosher Certiϐied.

Directions: Directions given on labels are based on a pet that weighs from 8–35 lbs lbs. Adjust the amount given according to size and weight of pet. (Less for a smaller animal and more for a larger animal). Pets Now!™ formulas were developed for mammals. Birds and plant eating reptiles also do well on these formulas.

General Use Table for Pets Now!™ Formulas:
1/8 teaspoon = up to 8 lbs
1/4 teaspoon = 8–35 lbs
1/2 teaspoon = 35 + lbs

There’s nothing better than Pets Now!™ So, read on, and choose Pets Now! For your four footed fur kids!

Pets Now!™ Natural Health Support for Dogs and Cats

All Natural, Alcohol-Free Herbal Formulas

Boost Immunity
Immune Activator, Antiseptic Digestive Support
Body System: Immune, Digestive
Breathe Easier
Reduces Inϐlammation and Sensitivity to Irritants such
as Pollen and Dust.
Body System: Respiratory
Calm Down
Calms Nerves, Reduces Anxiety, and Settles Digestion
Body System: Nervous, Digestive
Coat Care
Builds Health from the Inside Out
Body System: Digestive, Hepatic (Liver/Gallbladder)
Soothes Irritated Respiratory Tissues
Body System: Respiratory
Daily Needs
Natural Daily Vitamin & Mineral Replenishment
Body System: General, Structural
Clears Environmental and Chemical Toxins
Body System: Hepatic (Liver/Gallbladder), Lymphatic
Digest Aid
A Natural Digestive Aid, Reduces Gas and Stomach Upset
Body System: Digestive
ESSIAC for Pets
Traditional Cellular Support Remedy
Body System: Immune, Digestive, Hepatic (Liver/
Gallbladder), Lymphatic
Kidney Soothe
Supports Kidney/Bladder Function
Body System: Renal (Kidney/Urinary)
Joint & Muscle
Natural Relief for Inϐlammatory Joint and Muscle Pain
Body System: Structural (Muscular/Skeletal)
Liver Protect
Liver Protector/Builder, Immune Strengthener,
Body System: Hepatic (Liver/Gallbladder),
Cardiovascular, Immune
Parasite Clear
Clear Out Your Pet’s Intestinal Parasites Gently and
Body System: Digestive, Hepatic
Stomach Settle
Reduces Motion Sickness, Flatulence, Enhances Appetite
Body System: Digestive
Thyroid Boost
Boosts and Rebuilds Underactive Thyroid
Body System: Endocrine
Thyroid Calm
Helps Calm Overactive Thyroid Function
Body System: Endocrine

Pets Now!™ a department of Cedar Bear Naturales
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Th is handout was prepared by Pets Now!™ and may be copied and
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content in any manner whatsoever. (1 888-854-3727)
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products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Whole herb goodness and health
for our four legged family members!



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Quality Assurance

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