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Our Formulas are ‘true’ Alcohol-Free Tastes Good & Works!
Original & innovative liquid herbal formulas are developed utilizing applied chemistry, mineral signatures, the intrinsic ‘energetic’ qualities of herbs.
We are FDA cGMP compliant and Kosher certified, maintaining a clean and modern facility.
Why use alcohol to extract something if that something is negatively altered by alcohol? We learned many years ago that ethanol alcohol denatures and renders many of an herb’s properties inert. We don’t use alcohol, ever! That also assures our products meet Halal dietary standards and are totally GlutenFree!
Our liquid herbs taste remarkably like the ‘fresh’ harvested botanical itself. The ‘Genuine TincTract® Made’ process retains an herbs compounds in their ratio/synergy-intact state, indicated by the true-to-herb taste.

Bulk Ingredient, Private Label & Contract Manufacturing for your Liquid Herbal, Mineral, and Nutraceutical Supplement Needs.

Whether you want to explore Cedar Bear’s existing stock formulas, custom blends, or single herb ingredients for your product needs, or want to utilize our mineral and nutraceutical support, make Cedar Bear your source for the finest of liquid dietary supplement ingredients. Cedar Bear Manufacturing processes berries, fruits, flowers, barks, leafs, stems, and roots from over 300 plants, each with full cGMP compliant documentation. Our manufacturing facility and products are Koshercertified, FDA-inspected, and cGMP-compliant. If you need a plant/herb that is not on our extensive list, talk to our sales team about having us produce it for you. Our proprietary, alcohol-free processes insure that the herbs are strong, concentrated, good-to-great tasting (important when in a liquid), and shelf-stable for several years without refrigeration or preservatives. Talk to us about partnering on your private label! The first and most important step towards that goal is to taste the difference! Our customer service and sales team are happy to send you samples so you can taste for yourself.

The Cedar Bear Difference

We process over 300 botanicals 100% true alcohol-free Inherently gluten-free FDA and cGMP inspected/HACCP compliant facility Micro-biological screening for contaminants including, but not limited to, e-coli, coliform, salmonella and yeast/mold Kosher-certified Halal-compliant Vegan Clinically-based stock and/or custom formulas Originators of the first alcohol-free glycerite of monoelement nano colloidal tri-iodide Earth-friendly
Cutting-edge proprietary glycerite processing technologies Intrinsically ‘steric protected’ and very stable No refrigeration necessary after opening, low REDOX, and preservative- and additive-free Liquids are concentrated, potent, highly absorbable and bio-utilized Single-herb, products and specialty formulas such as children’s, pets, and equine herbal products Mixes well with juices, energy drinks/shots and other products Limited offerings of products containing nutraceuticals Tastes great

Our Story

Cedar Bear’s Founder, L. Carl Robinson, is a Clinical & Formulary Herbalist who holds a Master of Herbal Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy. Over 30 years ago, as a natural products industry insider, consultant, and product formulator with a background in biochemistry, physiology, and herbal energetics, Carl understood that plants/herbs cannot be processed with alcohol and maintain their full effectiveness and flavor. He set about to develop an alcohol-free process. Out of his research was born the TincTract®, an entirely new category of herbal processing. Carl named this proprietary multi-step process the TincTract®, a contraction of the words TINCture and exTRACT, because it is more than a tincture and more than an extract. Through the years, Carl has become the industry’s expert in glycerite processing technologies and liquid herbal glycerite formulations. He has formulated several hundred differentiated herbal formulas, and oversees Cedar Bear Labs’ quality control and R&D, making sure that impeccable attention is given to every detail.

Glycerin Versus Alcohol

Glycerin possesses a bacteriostatic action (i.e. deprives bacteria/spores of moisture – dehydrates them) that has a sterile effect without denaturing or rendering other compounds inert. Glycerin possesses no such denaturing or inert rendering properties. High glycerin-to-water extractive bases possess microencapsulating qualities that encapsulate many extracted constituents and compounds in the glycerin matrix. This reduces ingredient inversion and precipitation, arrests components complexifying and retards REDOX (i.e. Reducto-Oxidative reactions).

Multiplex Formulating Approach

Our multiplex approach to formulating herbal products includes: Clinicals Pharma Chemical compatibility factors Mineral ‘signature’ group profiles pH factoring Organoleptics (i.e tactile sensory & smell/taste considerations) Herbal energetics (varying physiological effects on tissues - heat/cold, moist/drying, hardening/ softening) Palatability (flavor) – our products are true to the

What is a TincTract?

More than a tincture, more than an extract, TincTract® is the flagship technology of Cedar Bear Naturales™. The technology incorporates the 4 major processing techniques – drying, tincturing, extracting and decocting/reduction. The process is 100% true alcohol-free and utilizes a glycerin-based proprietary extractive medium that retains the full effectiveness and flavor of the herbs.

Industry Firsts

First to be able to extract numerous constituents and compounds (i.e. resins, waxes, heavy polysaccharides, etc.) previously thought not possible with a glycerite-based processing technology First to commercially introduce a totally alcohol-free liquid herbal product line for children pets and equine use. First to introduce complex herbal formulations into the marketplace

The Multiplex Formulating Approach

Our multiplex approach to formulating herbal products includes: Clinicals Pharma Chemical compatibility factors Mineral ‘signature’ group profiles pH factoring Organoleptics (i.e tactile sensory & smell/taste considerations) Herbal energetics (varying physiological effects on tissues - heat/cold, moist/drying, hardening/softening) Palatability (flavor) – our products are true to the taste and aroma of the actual harvested material

The TincTract Process

1. Stabilize the raw material so that it is in a state that it can be submitted to a liquid process

2. Cold process to extract the heart sensitive components

3. Critical process to extract the harder to extract compounds

4. Clarifying process that removes the last items that are tightly bound in the matrix of the plant material

Serialized multi-step processing technology starts out with a step that.stabilizes the intrinsic biological activity of a botanical’s constituents and stops REDOX.activity, so that the raw botanical can be effectively and thoroughly liquid processed. That step is followed by a sustained low impact ‘critical’ tincturing type (cold) processing step that takes 10 to 60 days or more (depending on the herb or herb part used) that cold extracts the heat sensitive constituents and preserves their biological viability, including enzyme potential, vitamins/co-factors, fragile high note aromatics and the important subtle energetic profiles. That step is then followed by a dynamic ‘super-critical’ extractive type step that removes and captures more essential aromatic components and resinoids, oleoresins, high density polysaccharides, sterols (lipids and waxes), etc., all in their synergistic ratio-intact poly-constituent state. That step is followed by a ‘sustained’ decoction type reduction step that clarifies and concentrates trace compounds and bitter elements that are hardest to remove from a plant’s cellulotic and protein fixed matrix structure. Our multi-step TincTract® process takes weeks and extracts more of the herb Individually processing single herbs allows us to create a stable single ingredient and add it to other products later. ‘Ratio-Intact Synergy Sparing Poly-Constituent’ based process allows ratios of herb to liquid to remain intact. 

Ratio-Increased TincTract

The Ratio-Increased TincTract® process is utilized to increase the strength of a single herbal extract:

RT2 uses 2 times more herb and almost doubles the amount of labor for a given number of finished gallons.

RT3 uses 3 times more herb and triples labor.

RT4 uses 4 times more herb and quadruples labor. And so forth. This premium offering is priced accordingly.



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Quality Assurance

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